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To the fourteen year old what did you tell them you want to do although we can appreciate what this group is trying to do we have rules and guidelines that we need to follow we have to secure evidence with to make sure this problem because we have to get a warrant so we did all those things brown pleaded not guilty part of the police evidence was Velazquez's video and something else he's so proud of its scrawled across his face mask the chat logs so I'm always like don't worry I have chat logs I screen record everything he showed us the alleged chat logs from another encounter that made recent headlines the arrested still police chief Ralph Marino who has since stepped down Marino is set for arraignment Friday on a charge of enticing a child according to prosecutors as long as it's made clear they're recording the person and they turn over all evidence they should be protected from prosecution the SpaceX crew dragon capsule and falcon nine rocket set for Wednesday launch from Kennedy Space Center in Florida president trump will attend the launch Benji Reid as the SpaceX director of crew mission management he says the team is watching very closely over conditions from the launch site up to the northern Atlantic corrector looking at waves were looking at wave velocity and wave height because we need to make sure that if the crew had to come down and once escape scenario that they would come down to see state that would keep them safe NASA and SpaceX the fest officials are asking the public to stay home because of the pandemic usually crowds would gather on beaches and surrounding areas to watch the launch today is world turtle day CBS's wanted to let says that the pandemic is altered everything even studies of baby turtles you can hear the delight of the crowd watched a baby sea turtle crawl into the ocean off of bald head island in North Carolina last year this year total nest excavations will be a less public affair thanks to the coronavirus social distancing will keep the human.

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