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They beat the press and the move was filthy. I don't know if people saw cut back in front of that. But the play was made by our boy, Charlie McEvoy bays. I don't know if you saw it. He's walking the line guys coming out him. And he just throws perfect sauce packs to kind of open ice right in the great in the slot. Berge coming in it was such a if you don't know hockey, you wouldn't really think anything like, oh, you know, Berge got in front. Great move. But the play McEvoy made have the poise at the blue line to just chuckle baby sauce, and it was flat tomato sauce. It wasn't chunky meat sauce tomato. And just perfect dish. Show. The Bruins getting him back and him scoring and also Berge on marsh- Marshall plan together, and they got passionate can create you who's crises caught fire since the Berge on injury. So if they could ever get those two lines opposed to just being top heavy on the top line. Look over Boston. So the Olympic division has surprisingly been way better than people thought. Yeah. Man shadow to boy, Patty, Berge run three hundred career goal is first game back from injury. He missed sixteen games. You would've never known it. He jumped right back any makes such a huge difference for that team. I mean, they played pretty well in his absence to still missing char. But to insert him. I mean, I think he was playing that at a hot level before he got hurt. I mean, he he's definitely been outstanding. And only only five Bruins in history. More goals than him so trees, Berge does so much for that squad. I can't wait till they get showered back. They're going to be a tough team to beat. And like you said, what's McEvoy? I think his last two games of the best who laid all season since he got back from injury. He dummies the predators record last year against them. All also busy. Would you agree with me that I think Persia Ron might be the last player in the NHL that anyone in the NHL would ever talk shit about. Do you know what I mean by that? Like, I don't think there's one player who would ever talk shit like even sherpa on the ice because he like sit gets guys grows and kinda like wind rarely rarely. I don't think I've ever noticed Persia on getting like a scrum and him like him like hair, and Marsha whatever. Or was that? Was that Berge Ron that your version? Yeah. Berge on wasn't Ian, was it was Maxine not EMS my e- either way. Like, my point is like, yeah. There's a bunch of superstars in the league that players know, you don't chirp out there. They're so good known say shit to Joe Thor. But Berge take just the referees shit. The Joe Thornton. He can literally like like like a younger guy like the puck gets dropped on by the wrath, and then like the younger Centerman lane in the official like the official start yelling back and in the referendum on you shut the fuck up where I'm going to die MU up like when Joe yells at these guys, they probably fucking cry in between periods. It was like the story was at Zack Stortini was Chirpin sack or something and on the Ben easily every John every was dripping sack and bread house. Do not talk to Mr. sack like yes. Yes. That's almost Berge. Like if somebody says some young gun comes up, and he shirt and Berge on the bench just looks like he just immediately gets sent down there like your dawn bags packed. Go ahead going lock chirp Berge around..

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