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Bored. Every day is a holiday became may West's first movie to lose money as a result Cohen cut ties with may leaving her a free agent. She immediately returned to New York and mounted a run of sold out live shows. It was while she was in the midst of this run that the box office poison ad debuted. We've talked about this ad before on this podcast. If you're new to the show, you might want to check out episode ten produced way back in two thousand fourteen about Kay Francis. Who was a target of this same ad and perhaps its biggest victim because she's become the most obscure female star named in. It a mini Dettori all submitted by the independent theater owners association and. And credited to a theater owner named Harry brands the ad appeared in the Hollywood reporter and the independent film journal on may third nineteen thirty eight it's cited west Francis. And Pasol of other major stars of the nineteen thirties, including Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo Joan Crawford, and Fred Astaire as names who had become poison at the box office, the recommendation was that studios drop these high salaried performers and concentrate on creating vehicles fern newer batch of stars Shirley temple Carol, lumbar d- and maize, quote, unquote, discovery Cary grant's, Kenneth anger has his time line wrong by the time this editorial appeared every day's a holiday had already been released and paramount had already severed ties. Is with may as had a manual Cohen and her movies weren't doing fine audiences had lost interest in her stick. Mae west continue to work until the end of her life in all aspects of the entertainment industry, but her most potent period of influence on the culture had ended. She was certainly attacked by the censors, but she was not the only performer in that situation, and there's not much evidence that she was the target of a real conspiracy promoted by William Randolph, Hearst or anyone else. The fact is may west was the star of a moment. And that moment only lasted one moment. She was a to hit wonder who manage to continue to play her hits for fifty years that in itself was a kind of wonderful revenge. Thanks for listening to you must remember. This. Today's episode was written narrated and produced by Karina Longworth. That's me our research and production assistant is Lindsay d Schoenholtz. Our social media assistant is Brendan Whelan. This episode was edited by Cameron Druze and our logo was designed by teddy blanks special. Thanks to our special guest Natasha Leone who played Mae west. For more information about this episode and other episodes, please go to our website, you must remember this podcast dot com there you'll find show notes for every episode with information about our sources music used and much more. If you like the show, please tell anyone you can any way that you can. Can you can follow us on Twitter at remember this pod? And where on Facebook and Instagram too and my book seduction sex lies and stardom in Howard Hughes's. Hollywood is available now from Amazon or your local independent bookstore. We'll be back next week with another tale from the secrets, and or forgotten histories of Hollywood's first century join us, then won't you? Good night. Love move video fingers on. I can give you kisses. Log on. And I just don't. Rob. That. Y'all. On this join weekend. Yeah. Wow. The.

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