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Ten over three here's steve courtney sports thursday morning once again my friends it was not a good wednesday night for daniel norris five runs eight hits in just three in twothirds as the royals beat the tigers eight to last night ending the twogame win streak for the old english deers rubber game at a series won ten this afternoon michael former gives the ball for the tigers he six and six three point two nine the er a 24yearold righthander jake junus will work for the royalties to in one four point nine seven he's the era a as a major league baseball umpire john 10 pain often has to defuse ten situations that the ballpark none compared to the scene he came across yesterday as he walked across the roberto clemente bridge around three o'clock on his way back from a running some launch a few hundred yards away from pnc park he saw woman climb over a railing and looked for the guinea river below he along with a couple of other citizens restrained the woman brought her back to safety 911 was called and certainly hope the ladies getting the help she needs just a crazy offseason so far for the nba obviously chris paul now a member of the houston rockets the rockets sending seven players to the clippers a topthree protected the twenty eighteen first round pick and six hundred sixty one thousand dollars in cash and the new york knicks and phil jackson officially yesterday go their separate ways next fans referring to it as independence day she cordiality jerry sports traffic and weather first on the fives of next do you have what it takes to become the next country superstar go to nash next presents dot com and register today you could win a recording contract and guaranteed radio airplay nationalst 2017 sponsor naturally by country ins and sweets everybody wants.

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