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The final lap with Kerry Murphy is is on. Kyle Busch is on. He's getting us all set for Pocono. This weekend for a double shot of Cup series racing on Saturday and Sunday. I think you will have to make some changes to your stuff I think the race. There's only going to be the truck series rubber. It's only sixty laps, so they're just going to be a little bit of rubber down and then we're GONNA put a lot of down with our race, and then you'll have the extremity race the next day, and then you'll have our race so over the course of all those miles and you know I think the the main similarity between the two days is GonNa be that they're. They're day are rather than a month apart. There's a difference between the pocono racetrack when it's a month part day one day two. There's going to be big differences in day one today, too, so you've got to take a lot of different things into account. And, what makes Pocono difficult Every time you go there? It's different you know the bumps change. The characteristics change where the bump star are they getting bigger getting worse or is there more adding You know that turned to tunnel turn is always. A culprit for the bumps in for the harsh winters up there for really changing the racetrack lot, and then what happens in three where the winds blow and stuff like that is always kind of. A convoluted fees to to Pokeno and how you get through turn three versus turn wanders turn to. With three different, distinctly different corners, there's definitely going to be compromised. Mike US at facebook dot com slash the final lap like us. Music fans do your part.

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