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Great voice. Thank you and so. I joined a choir will be performing christmas carols during the holiday season christmas concert here in turkey in english. It's in english. it's in german. It's in french and also turkish. Were doing songs in four different languages. Yeah it's going to be talented. And you and i have done a couple art projects together. We did a lighted. You as an artist do these cool multi media or mixed media pieces with all kinds of paint and glass and texture and you and i have done a couple pieces together that also incorporated lights yes. Macronix inside loved that I'm excited to get back into that In the future. So i try to keep toe or foot or maybe both feed into the arts in some form or fashion dabble. I also brought my drumsticks in my billy. Glad pad for those of you know. Billy gladstone brought that billy glad with the across the world and so continue to do my percussion in play. Gotta keep those shops up. Yes jim. I know that you know you really. You started the magazine and you started this podcast and deep down. You have a desire to serve and to support the artists to support the art community. And we really appreciate that and in doing that. talk about your venture with the art known store. That's not my venture january. That's our venture. this podcast is not about me. It's about you then you are in the spotlight today. You've always wanted to do something other than i mean. Obviously doing a magazine that features artists in a podcast that features artists is a way of sharing their stories. But i've always wanted to do something more and and allow those artists expand their reach in in some way and so. Yeah we started this store probably art unknown store and what it is is Showcasing some artists from the art known podcast visual artists and putting their artwork onto athletic wear clothing and accessories and today we've got seven artists on their store and we've got. I don't know fifteen different articles of clothing and accessories and we put their art in oliver print and one thing that was really important. I think the both of us was that. The store wasn't just steph from china. Not that there's anything wrong stuff from china but we really wanted to embrace some form of sustainability of eco-friendly aspect and so with the known store. We we do that. We partnered with a manufacturer that has Things like vegan. They use textile waste. They pay a fair wage. No sweatshops the fair wage. Their workers everything is handmade and made to order. That sounds really cool. Yeah yeah yeah and one of the most important things that you didn't mention is that we support the artists and with every purchase. We pay the artists forever sale. That's right. They get a portion of the profits from every single sale. And so of course they are known. Store is grown out of the podcast. That's in store dot com. Check it out after the podcast over. Yes so explain why. I know that you being photographer. You wanted to make sure that these artist get paid for because we're using their artwork on the clothing so talk a little bit about why it was important to you that the artists get paid. Absolutely so you know as a photographer. I've i've been a photographer for many years. And that is my sort of professional artistic training and back in the early days of the internet you get paid pretty well to have stock photography online and then along came something called royalty free which means exactly what it sounds. There's no royalties paid and royalty free. Today photographers usually get you know. Short ended the story five cents or dollar. You know not a lot of money for an image. in fact i'm a part of a royalty free site and i get exactly twenty five cents for the vast majority of images that are sold us so the artist's work should be valued and instead of just licensing the work. We pay the artists at one time fee. We decided we're gonna pay them of the province so our success is also the success the more successful. We are as a company as a as a business. The artists are more successful as well. That is awesome. So you're creating another outlet for for them to get their artwork out to the world other platform which is awesome. I know that i mean considering that. I'm the co founder. Exactly what the mission is as far as creating the art unknown store just creating another platform for the artist to sell their wares in. I think that's a truly important thing too for the artists. Creating yet another avenue. We know anyone who's listened listened to any episodes. Here are a handful of episodes will know that you and i are all about financial freedom and what that means to me that means us is creating passive income streams that yes exceed. Our expenses exceed our daily expenses in passive income. Streams are simply just money that you make while you sleep. Reminding you make passively. And so chang judging so this having the earn store is just another form for artists decreed passive income. You know it's cool to have artwork create. Arkansas are artwork. But if you just originals. That's a one time. Sale artists will sell prince online. Or they'll sell prince through galleries. Or reproductions you get any museum and museum often. We'll have posters available and things that things like that which is just another form of income for the artists or for the the museum and so this is the same thing creating why not create fun apparel and accessories that help you stand out and express your individuality and it creates a passive income stream for the artists or the irish the source of revenue for the artists. Which is which is what. We're all about passive income. Yes jim i know you very well thanks. We just recently celebrated our fifth year of wedding anniversary. Do you really know anybody. i know. i know that you've talked a lot about financial freedom talking to talk a little bit more about why it's important for you to seek financial freedom like what do you eventually want to do when you become financially free. I know we're both on the road on that path. Why is it like what do you wanna do like wells. Your end goal sure. That's a great question as well. And if i can backup you you'd said why why become financially free i think in general. Yeah maybe describe what it is for the for the listeners. If they are not familiar with that and then talk a little bit about why. That's important to you. I only mentioned what financial freedom is to me. But i think you know keeping it to the arts. There's this concept that has existed since the beginning of time of the starving artists of the artist. Who's so dedicated to work. That all they wanna do is create art. Yeah i just want to focus on artwork. That's the one yes and you know. That's that's fantastic. But unless you have a smart business plan on what you're going to do to actually make an income with a lot of times. Artists will struggle especially new artist are starting out to.

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