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Breadwinner bowl filling in for rush on the EI Be network. So ask yourself this question. What is the broader reason for this trial that we're watching? Take place? We've already established that it Zob Vesely intended to stop President Trump. From running for reelection in 2024. But what's the broader mission here? Because if we could project ourselves two weeks into the future, let's say And what's Let's pretend the worst happens. Let's pretend President Trump was convicted and blocked from running for the presidency again. What's the longer game playing out here with this trial, and that's what you have kind of strip away toe get an idea because I do not believe he's going to be convicted. I do not believe he's gonna be blocked from from running for the presidency, but assume for a moment. What the What you're seeing. Play out here in the Senate is it comes to pass. What's the longer game longer game is this and I'll flush it out for you in just a few moments. Longer game is To stop. You and you and you and you. From resisting the change that is coming to the country. What's the old Chinese proverb that Ram Emanuel used once upon a time? In crisis. There's opportunity. You never let a good crisis go to waste. You know, it's important, understand what it is that's going on here. I've been reading the stoics all this new year that we've just come into. You know the stoics that the people who who lived in the ancient times and and and stated things about government and governance and behavior in public behavior. Marcus Aurelius was one of these and he's got a great quote. It's time you realized that you have something in you more powerful and miraculous. Then the things that affect you and make you dance like a puppet, this impeachment move. As with many of the moves with the executive orders are designed to make you dance like a puppet to dance to the tune of the Piper, calling it from Washington, D. C. And in just a couple of moments, I'm gonna tell you what the longer game is here. It's a very important thing to understand as you watch what happens in these coming days, weeks and months, But first we go out to Roseanne. Who is in Holtsville, New York, out on Long Island or resent Welcome to the program. It says here that you were at the rally that the president of put together there for January the sixth what happened in terms of police protection, security and that sort of stuff. All right? Yes, I was at the rally, and I explained to the to the producer there that I also attended the march for life rallies, many of them so I'm aware of the D C and how they set up for a rally of this size. And first thing that we noticed, arriving from a bus Long island that there were hardly any police at all. Unlike the mortal life rally there on every corner there everywhere you can't miss them. Ass direction with this that help people there were there were minimal. I saw two policemen and a plainclothesmen walking down from I think with New York Avenue to your lips. And I saw couple up on the roof by the Washington Monument, and that was about it until we walked through the mall, the West side to the capital. We saw a couple of Capitol police on the top levels. It was it was there were nowhere to be found. And it was very odd. It was very strange and what bothered Me and a lot of the people that went Is that the police the Capitol police, the people in charge of the police knew that there were violent actors going to be there coming out reports. Sure, Bailey that they knew these people with bombs with weapons. We're going to infiltrate the rally We never would notified. But yes, the mayor of DC Merial thousands sent out a tweet on everyone's phone. At four in the afternoon of a curfew when she should have tweeted out in the morning when we got off the bus is that look it. We have reports of violent actors. Be careful whatever. To give us some notification. Sure we would not notified it was it was very upsetting. Well, let me let me just say this, and I appreciate the call Roseanne and what you're saying comports with a lot of what? I've heard sitting here in Charlotte talking to people who were there at the rally who were not part of the riot or were not part of of of what it was. That would go down later in the day, and so We have a tale of two realities going on here. Okay? The first reality is the impeachment effort to try to blame this on the president. The second reality is the failings in the security. That took place there at the Capitol. And it's easy to point this back and say to the president, the president of this, the president did that all that sort of stuff. But he's not responsible for ground level base level security there at the Capitol and that that's just not the case. A speaker Pelosi and and majority leader then Mitch McConnell, They have much more to say about security and the security profile. At the Capitol. Much more so than the president. The president can call in for you know, can recommend that the National Guard going for backup and that sort of stuff. But the reality is this is this is about being controlled at the Capitol. And this is why this impeachment is so unfortunate. And I appreciate that call. Resent. This is why the impeachment so unfortunate. Because rather than get down to the facts of what it was, it happened and what failed on that day. We've gone to impeachment. We haven't done a single solitary hearing yet into the the sergeant at arms into the Capitol police into the National Guard into the D C. Metro cops. We don't know what that security profile was. In fact, we don't even know what the final finding For the federal Bureau of Investigation was as a result of this. This is all still TBD out there in the ether. Here we are a month later, and we don't know the full tic tac off all the elements short. We know what the rioters did. We watched what they did. It was shocking. But have we heard the police calls on the radio? Have we heard the stuff that was being called out by dispatch or by any of the leadership in the in the security environment? We have not heard that. And that's why you know, many people want to see a 9 11 style commission to investigate this, But you should put the should put the card after the horse, not the other way around the impeachment is putting the cart before the horse. And it leads me to the broader point. I wanted to race, which is why is this happening? This is happening in an effort a coordinated effort to blunt Any resistance and I'm not saying resistance of a kinetic nature where people go out and they trash property and they do things like that. They need to minimize any resistance that may manifest itself from Maga Nation from the Trump supporters out there. The 74 million people. Because right now, here's what we've got. We've got a president of the United States in Joe Biden, who is not delivering the goods. It's true. He's not delivering the goods. You continue to have a failed rollout of the vaccine. You continue to have schools not fully opening. We're just now barely getting the conversation completed with Chicago teachers unions. Get back to business. Well, you know, the Jen Psaki and a press conference yesterday said we can count. We can count success as being Ah School opened 50% 1 Day a week. People are not happy with the performance of this new president. He had 100 days toe work The magic and all he's done is sign a bunch of executive orders undoing things that the president President Trump did. And in addition, killed thousands of jobs at the Keystone XL pipeline is creating absolute catastrophe at the borders by not enforcing the border restrictions that we watched happen throughout that time and so as a consequence What the political operation needs in D C. With the Democrats in control is a tamped down resistance. This is about demoralizing. You and your friends. Why? Because we saw what happened in the wake of the election of President Obama and Vice President Biden in 2008 going into 2009. You saw the early foundations Of the tea party movement take root. And that was a resistance movement. A resistance of the pork Eolas Bill of Obamacare, the expansion this spending all that sort of stuff. The tea party was originally taxed enough already, right? That was the T. A Nancy Pelosi lived through that once Chuck Schumer watched that and so did President Biden and they have decided that they have got to tamp you down early. They have got to put you in league with the maniacs that riot. They have got to put you in that same basket of deplorables. All 74 million of you. Even though that label does not apply to you. Because they are not going to be able to withstand The political pushback from people at the state level. At the regional level and at the federal level when it comes to diminishing returns. High unemployment. Tax increases job killing Rapprochement with the Iranians rapprochement with China. It's a bad look, and they've got to make sure that you're not able to adequately voice your opinions in that regard. 1 800 to 82 to 82. I'm Brett. Winnable in for Rush Limbaugh will be back right after this. You're listening to the EI Be network news. Radio 8 30 K h V h. I'm have watered and this is steeple. Investor insights was steeples Chief investment Officer Michael O'Keefe. Michael After some strength recently,.

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