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I'm how loveland joined today by. And lindsey calc this week. We want to end the show by sharing some of the joy of wrestling with you. This is the three count. Danielle what would you like to put over of course inputting over an extension. of course. i'm putting over andy. Hartwell got down upon one knee. It was lovely. It was wonderful. Index is officially engaged. I loved that segment. I loved. I love and becoming into the ring with him and doing his thing getting down on knuckles and knees. I guess what you would call it. I love a wrestling proposal at a russell wedding. It's never great at usually turns out really accordion bad. But i love it. I love it. I love it. I really really hope we get to the actual wedding in this because it makes me so happy. I've always said that if i ever get married. I'm probably going to be the one who proposes like. I already know this about myself. I'm just aware of who i am. I'm very impatient woman. And i'm not gonna wait around like look we're ready. We're ready in like. Why are we fucking around. I have loved that india's taken that and also just because the way the story is gone with so much of her turning him down and turning her back to him and you know being influenced by what other people have said. It had to be her. Who did the proposing that. That's the way that it had to be. I love how dramatic he was putting the ring on. I love that ring. I think it's a class ring. I don't know and i just love everything about the storyline and makes my little stupid heart. Happy and i loved watching indie. Get down one eight. Yeah not proud of myself was one hundred gdp over the same thing. Yes indy taking back. Her agency was like a big deal. We just had to watch her. Be like the prize. In a lovable loser. Match and india feminist icon. Taking back her own agency and proposing loved her putting on the glove loved when she walked behind him and their footsteps were perfectly in sync but also more importantly i maybe i will specifically put over robert stone which i saw. Who like. who are they going to wrestle. Is it was robert stone. You'd better believe. I jumped out of my seat with the podium tail and the tracksuit i just the whole segment gave me so much joy and like five minutes early rb merrily telling jeff how i was definitely putting over the iliad dragon off match because i thought that was genuinely fantastic and got me so excited for his match against walter takeover. Like really really excited. It was perfect balance of color. Were like yeah agreed. Agreed silver he you know he did that magical. Moment of getting caught open in the best percival way to create such a dramatic moment. That you again you could not make it up. But i just thought it was such a strong match remembered really good work and it got me pumped for that match. And then they went and dropped a fucking proposal of me and a mixed tag match. The whole match was great. Beth involvement was great the teasing in the vignette beforehand. Where they said like oh you know it's time to take their relationship to the next level it was all the and it was all fantastic and it was just like a good solid fifteen minutes of joy if i can get fifty minutes of joy out of my wrestling than a week. I am pretty happy. So we'll take it as of you're listening to this. It is likely but not one hundred percent locked in that and punk will be debuting. And a w he will officially be all lead. Recently roman reigns had an interview with bt sports where typically as is typical in ill any televised wrestling interview. They're tr- they're trying to work in angle and put over something or berry something. So they asked roman reigns an interesting question. I liked his answer. I thought it was funny. It set off debate which is sort of what it was intended to do. Even people like mick foley weighing in about where he sees sam punks place in the wrestling industry. Historically here it is when it comes down to him. Pump was not as good as ogre as john. Cena wasn't as good as over in moved the needle dirac. It just was what it was from a full time performer. I understand with frustration and warning more. But like i said before you gotta take it. Hey i wanna be clear Like i'm not putting this over because i necessarily agree one way or the other but i love the conversation about it and just like robin rains at. I like watching. I like him in character or out of character. I think it's the pot yet. The pastor that pot roller you've you've earned it. That does it for this episode of tights and fights this week host for lindsay calkins danielle radford. Along with me loveline you know.

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