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Mobile business news twenty four hours a day at bloomberg dot com the radioplus mobile app and on your radio this is a bloomberg business flash and i'm karen moskow stocks are rising as investors take heart from further easing and trade tensions and start focusing on us earning season we check the markets every fifteen minutes throughout the trading day on bloomberg the s and p five hundred is up four tenths of a percentage of eleven points to twenty six seventy five the dow jones industrial average four tenths of a percent or ninety one point to twenty four thousand five hundred seventy four the nasdaq is up four tenths percent or thirty one points to seventy one seventy one ten year treasury down one thirty seconds yield two point eight four percent the yield on the two year two point three six percents nymex crude oil is up three tenths percent or twenty one cents to sixty seven twenty eight a barrel comex gold is up a quarter percent or three dollars fifty cents at thirteen forty five forty announce the euro is at a dollar twenty three twenty nine and the yen one oh seven point six three and that's a bloomberg business flash tom and pimm thank you so much it was a huge huge upset from the seventh district in virginia i spoke to former majority leader eric cantor in davos and he was trounced by the gentleman from hope college kalamazoo michigan and also from princeton theological seminary professor brat now the congressman from the richmond district congressman wonderful to speak to you this morning thanks for having me on i look at the presidential tweets i look the emotion i want to know from you wear a more conservative centrist republican party is this morning in washington you're not a slime ball i assume out of princeton theological seminary you would not use that kind of language in public discourse what does the centrist conservative republican do with your president no i think that's right we all got a ratchet down the language and just focus on rational policy and the centrist part everybody kinda wishes for that but if you just look at the omnibus bill i always ask people what does it mean to be in the center the republicans wanted a trillion dollar deficit the democrats wanted to one point three trillion dollar deficit and so the center or the compromises in the.

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