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And he ceo and founder of something called ultimate chase incorporator he's covered hurricanes and tornadoes enlightening and volcanoes born in key largo area has been anwr of revolved around the all sorts of katrina charlie reader i then william andrew and the in this case you got earlier where do you mike these put erma in terms of the hurricanes that youths chased and covered well why don't you asked me that question after of make landfall but i can predict that it probably going to be the work thing i'd be with the prediction it hasn't happened yet um but if it looked like the probably going to be the worst thing i've ever kantor damage in the problem is also worry live um so i i think the on with getting family out at all the other faith as well they will they put it very very difficult form the last week the cover um you know as well as we all know it all the devastation in the caribbean many iowa direct that i went rate over several islands in the caribbean and then uh you know alec art waiver to key west in back obviously only about an hour so on the i wore one but with the wind is going to go over a hundred twenty five hundred forty miles an hour and then we'll have got married even higher thankfully mark fetig three hundred eighty five mile an hour winds that it wasn't wore white but the problem is it they'll will was that that storm surge just like katrina what the category five at one point within three when it made landfall but they'll have to category five storm surge in it the work predicting that we're going to get back kind of storm surge nearly a quarter need and that at one of a big danger of any danger in this world claimed that happy with water like soon army storm certain plotting who were about to experience that you're in the florida keys unfortunately.

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