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The letters m u g and irritated helen tossed the mug on the floor and he decided that to get helen to learn she needed to separate helen from her family and make helen dependent on her so any played a little trick on helen pretended to take her on a long trip when really they were just circling around in returning to the cottage in the back of the keller's house it was here where anne redoubled her efforts the goal was to get helen to connect the words anne was spelling with the objects they represented the breakthrough came after a month as anne ran water from pump over helen's hand helen realize that the motions and he was making in her other hand the letters she was spelling out symbolized the idea of water helen keller learned her first word that day water helen was so excited that she demanded any teacher the words for other objects anne quickly began spelling them out ground pump trellis and for herself teacher helen keller learned twenty nine more words that day what happened at the water pump is the iconic scene of the play and the movie the miracle worker the play was written by william gibson it premiered on broadway in nineteen fifty nine starring patty duke as helen keller and anne bancroft as anti solomon both actresses kept the same roles in the movie which was released in nineteen sixty two and both of them one academy awards patty duke for best supporting actress and anne bancroft for best actress all of which is to say here was.

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