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WGN radio, Gnarly dreams and Monday night. The time is right for trivia. We're gonna delay that an hour so I can talk to someone from back in the day. I think this is my favorite part of Monday's actually is fine. People who Actually, we're responsible for most of the records. We play in Monday night Trivia, Samoas many other things and I'll tell you what rarely do We get requests for somebody, but we have had several people saying Have Jerry blab it on with my pleasure took us a couple weeks to get it together. But we did that. And Jerry welcome to WGN radio. And jury is not there. Now he is. Let's see. All right. I believed your is it's almost like this is cursed because I think that we have gone about this trying to do this a few times without any success, but well, C area there, Jerry. Rally rough like Riley, Are you really gonna be replacing Larry King's God Help me well, and you know, your denizen of Miami, much like myself and you remember when he was run out of town the first time I think if anyone had asked either of us in the late sixties, when Louis Wolfson told him he had till sundown to get out of the state He would come back and be one of the biggest names. Would you have put money on that? Well, I'm putting money on you. You're around and he's not around. Well, we got a few years difference there, too. But you know, it is one of those Cinderella stories and and to a great extent. That that's true with you as well, Because there's so many people over the years who counted you're down for the count. And as it was mentioned before you came on your the only person I know who without a doubt is the most remembered radio personality in a major market who literally never worked in a braided station. When you get right down to it, you created your success. So I guess the first question is How'd you do it? Well, you have to have the freedom you can have people view it. Look, you're doing what I'm doing. You're doing what you love to do. You don't let anybody tell you what to do. You gauge what you have to do by your audience. You know, radio better than I go radio because you were working for billboard back then covering all the radio stations. It was format radio. Then this track is we're not related. They couldn't play what they wanted the play as you know, And it was news. It was weather 10. After this, it was the clock. I never loved them to do that. And the reason that I was able to do it because I said to the radio station, don't pay me if I don't bring the rating in if I don't bring the young teenagers in Get somebody else to do it. So real secret rally is what you do what I got. The ability for you to be you. I played from the heart, not the research truck as you know. Absolutely. That's true now. Of course, it's legendary that you first went on the air. A W C A M, the result of a bet during a snowstorm and all of that, But I got an ask In terms of knowing what to play. Obviously. Ah, lot of these songs were not on mainstream radio. Where did you find them? Well, you know if you read the book, which I've written, called you only rock once which, by the way, maybe a screenplay to get to new screenplays on it. I always had. The kid was musically inquisitive. I would listen to the black stations and I would hear music. Clyde McPhatter. I would hear music by Billy Ward and the dominoes. I would hear music by millions strong at the Abalos. I would hear music that Earl Lewis and the channels and I would go to a little record store. Called Sunray drugstores Back then they had been convinced of these records, and I would go through them and back in those days you were allowed if you picked the record before you bought it. You play it, So I started to collect all of this music that I loved. And when I won on the radio Shared it. I mean, but I want all the radio. As you said with the bet the show storm closed it. I had to do a show. I couldn't do it from the nightclub. So I went up the W C A. N and I took all of this music that stamina little Richard. Frankie line, the five satins. This was the music that touched me. And I started to play it. So the secret is, if you like music that you like if you can share it with an audience and be enthusiastic about that. And they dig it. That's the home run, girl. Oh, of course it is. But you know a lot of things you played. Yes, you could hear it. If you were listening to D A s r H A t, but a lot of things you couldn't These were things that you came up with it. Nobody else did. And I'm curious how that happened. Well, if I went to New York City, and if I want to see Florence Greenberg, who had kept a record she was I'm gonna play for you. The new song by issue arose foolish of the girl. That's okay. Let me hear it. Then Bird back Iraq with Sang wants you to hear something. Florence doesn't want to release it called. Don't make me over. Would bump into birth burns. She says. Listen, I got a song the eyes and he just cut quote, twisting shop. They don't want to release it. Let me hear it. I love this stuff. With back one W. C. M and I played music that nobody else was playing because I had an ear for my audience. I knew my audience. I basically was a kid Wally when I began so by audience were young and E just picked music that I liked so I could play it to an audience. All of that makes all the sense in the world and every name you mentioned is a big one. But tell me about Bilal by the versa. Tones by allure, which nobody knew. Riley is a dance if you listen to it, open boom boom boom boom boom boom books. There's really no lyric. I heard that song when I was in New York City. With a guy by the name of George Golder, who who basically had a Latin label. Tico George Golden went on to have gone at and little Anthony the Imperials. The Shan tells Frankie Lymon, the Valentine's and I heard that rhythm beat It was over obscure label. And I had heard this one of my collections and I started the play it and kids do it up with the phones. Look at song. What's that song? Record distributors was saying, Who's got that? He's got that, and it was a little cock of many label. Out of north charity that had the record and Bernie Lowe called me said I want to buy the master. Thanks. Well, here's the guy. See George Golder tickle records, and George didn't even know we had a hit. He gave it to another guy, the guy, But I am a high wife sat in New York City who had old town records and then Bernie Lowe border and it came out on cameo and what's doomed to prove all you could do is one. All you do is too. It was a dance now that that's fascinated me because the copy I have was on all star. Which I guess was the original label one yet, right? That was beautiful. That was Buchanan and Goodman. They own the whole story, Right? Right. I knew that. Did you know that George Golder Had flying sources by Buchanan and Goodman. Oh, yeah, the loon verse level where they had to write in the L but I did. That would be a label. I didn't You know, people I loved George Goldner. And the problem with George older as you well know is he just could Abby I couldn't stop gambling and more actually be wind up owning the best labels, But it was George Golder, who had the years What? George Vulnerable, You know, they talk about creative guys. Clyde Davis is not a creative. Agreed. Tommy Mottola. Hot copy. Told It was not a creative guy. Okay? Very Gordy was a creative guy. George Goldner was a creative guy Hamad. Early get was not Jerry Wexler was a creative guy Might. Also there was a certain guys as you know, Raleigh because you wrote the little boy who had the ear. What was going to beat Syd Nathan. And you do know at a sensible hour, the best thanks Coward with building Ward with Little Willie giant would change browns. But Her best.

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