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President Trump's reaction We have delivered a safe and effective vaccine and just nine months this is one of the greatest scientific accomplishments in history. It will save millions of lives and soon end up endemic once and for all. The initial three million doses are to go to healthcare workers and nursing home residents. Health officials don't expect enough doses to be ready for all the general public before the spring. Approval of a second vaccine developed by Moderna could come next week. Tim McGuire, Washington This straight shooting governor of New York's become a well known face during the Corona virus pandemic. I've tried to work with the Trump administration and argue morality and principle for four years. Better off trying to argue with a rock a person with knowledge of the process as Andrew Cuomo is now among those being considered for attorney general. It's not clear if the search process has changed after it was disclosed this week that Joe Biden son Hunter is under investigation for his financial dealings, and that the new attorney general would inherit that investigation. Others thought to be top contenders. Outgoing Alabama Senator Doug Jones Appeals court Judge Merrick Garland and former Beattie, Attorney General Sally Yates, Jackie Quinn, Washington Had benefit. That's a fact have been. That's a fact. My credit card purchases Give me cash their president. Give me cash back. No one else gets these reboard such and that is just played us through. What in Tarnation, Sir Pen fits para cash rewards card isn't just for military members. Anyone can get cash back on all purchases. Figgins, you've ruined my favorite song. Penn Fed Credit Union visit Penn fed dot org's slash power cash to receive any advertised product, you must become a member of Penn Fed.

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