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The Morley So someone's friend is talking like five minutes until two o'clock. We'll talk with John House and more Atkins from represent us, New Mexico about the session at two o'clock, and then Paul Gibson from retake our democracy about the session. Talking about the legislative session starting Tuesday, and then the chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico, Steve Pearce, at three o'clock today, one of the guests on the show tomorrow is met Bieber map. Bieber is we see New Mexico Department of Health and we can talk about vaccines. With Matt tomorrow, a lot of the interesting information and maybe some misinformation and confusion around vaccine. So I have Matt on tomorrow we can talk about All of I guess my confusion. Which I have a lot, you know that. I got an email earlier today from Maryland. Honesty in Mary L know Nazi and the new energy economy. So new and economy along with you today. Working Families Party and Yucca, which is the youth United for Climate Crisis action. They are joining with 600. Other organizations across the country to deliver a letter. To President elect Joe Biden and Vice President elect Kamila Harris. And they're asking them to issue an executive order. Halt all shut offs of utilities. Halt all household. Unnecessarily business, I guess but home utility shut us during the pandemic. And they sent along language which is kind of cool. Real briefly here. We the undersigned 636 organizations urge you.

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