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Well in that case the forecast calls for rain sun, partly cloudy, high low scattered isolated umbrella jacket flip plots one hundred percent chance of look it up on the internet. I've got sandwiches to eat humidity do point get to Dunkin bacon egg and cheese sandwiches for five dollars. America. Runs on Dunkin participation may vary. Limited time offer. Exclusions apply. Welcome back once again to the views tavern. I had the cheeseburger with cheese on it. Grilled onions, good coach. Would you have today ordered the buffalo chicken pizza? Buffalo chicken out that is a good takeover here at the muse. I'll tell you great food before. And after any football game basketball game as the hoops season starting up tomorrow night, seven o'clock, I exhibition game the only exhibition game for the audience to see at the Ryan center, then on Saturday afternoon, of course, huge game for the university Rhode Island football team against William and Mary essay get into the the stretch run of the season Keaton Kennedy is our our guest the the offensive line coach of lasts for years for the university or at Alan outstanding offensive lineman, north western graduated in what oh nine two thousand nine two thousand nine and was an all big ten offensive lineman talk about those days and the successes and how that helps you as a coach. Yeah. Absolutely. You know, northwestern was an awesome experience playing. The big tent was great. Yeah. Loved my love, my coaches there. And actually that that time my life. Really inspired me to get into what I'm doing. Now. Yep. Coaching young man to be on create offensive. Absolutely..

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