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They could be in for trouble. But, you know, Golden State just a better version of of Portland. I think they'll I think they'll dispatch, but I think it's going to be six or seven. Yeah. And again, I just to finish off the conversation question. These guys I wonder how much say even read I guess if it's on their phone, maybe, but I'll bet you guys are reading when you've been in headlines throughout your forever for five years in everybody's writing columns, and everybody's talking on the radio it better be something. I bet you they'll read if it's something about my family or something I bought my a house or something different. But I just think I I do believe that all the breakdowns and all this stuff. If you're getting it every day. It's noise. You know what I mean? It's just noise. You don't even sit there, and you know in our business. Oh, if somebody writes up something about we don't get that much. So you go out I really took this to heart. But these guys you're getting it every day. And so how was that kid? If it, you know, just for fun the ball way. I don't think they're releases name but typically bulb. Oil will be between twenty and thirty five years old. All they can actually get that. They get paid pretty well. Game that you know that old they twenty to thirty five those are some kid. I knew the clippers ballboy that actually used to live in Sacramento move down to LA, and he was about thirty years old and he just hangs out with the team with the team Clinton living. Yeah. Makes the great living. I don't know. Travel with an NBA team. And the only reason I'm hesitating. I think we're going to hang up. No, okay. Go for no is that you can anybody be above. Boy. I mean, you need to have a certain tack on your hands. With the ball. You really have to have a sense around objects knock if you can make a living grape, you're guessing, right? I mean, I guess you have to be good passing. I'm guessing you have to be really good cleaning shoes and washing. So the answer. Yes. Yes. Yeah. No. I am guessing. I don't know. I'm not a professional passing. Let me go to pass. Well, you got gotta pass that way. They could shoot the ball in the gym during practice during the warm ups. Okay. I'll give you that. But he's hell the ball ballboy. But man, I just can't pass eight. Oh, eight K MBR ballboy. Okay. I'm gonna book a ballboy for. With the for the podcast. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I just I I'll admit maybe I'm just out of it. And ballboy today is a I thought it was just like go again, Rick berry school Brenton John were ballboys for Mary just brought his kids out there surprise, you have to be able to keep some secrets too because you see a lot that goes on them. And I say this with all due respect one day, you'll be in this chair. What the hell, you know? How come you know, so much about ballboy? Thing though, doesn't it seem like a made up story in the den. I heard of Denver ballboy mean. Okay. Okay. Let's seems. But I mean, whoever whoever went with that as their source. That's pretty weak. Yeah. Well, whatever it is. But if people find out if you can earn a living as a ballboy, and we'll go from there. Giants are gonna trade. Bumgarner got it from boy one of the bat, boys. Yeah. I don't want to name M F P stay on that. So you just like when we find out it's two and a half million dollars a year for the the ball boy in Portland or in Denver in this case. Hey tonight, if ballboy lives up civic heights. I got to see it now tonight as Mr. giant you'll you'll you'll watch the kids are going to town school. I know FA work it work. I mean, really work it and use some of your contacts and most of the ball, boys. I know they've they summer in the Hamptons. It'd be where we're both going to have to shut up if he gets it guy on here. They probably do summer in the Hamptons because if you're a ballboy at thirty five you probably have family money. I guess so it's just I man I might be totally out of the giants. You'll be watching the warriors over the giants tonight. We'll you not it's the giant for a lot of years. I now it's flat junior, though junior. But yeah, I'm going I we're now in the conference finals. Yes, I'm you know, I'll take I'll be one of the six thousand saying catch it. But I'll DVR and watch the whole damn fish could be on paper. The worst draw of any team Toronto. You know what I mean? I think of any team. Well, not if you wanna see Vladi junior, though, you know, all the talk from our producer about Vladi Vladic junior was one that a one ninety one for laddy junior. Well, and f p small sample size broadcaster for the Washington National. We've got some breaker far on trading. What have we got? We actually have some giants news. So right handed pitcher, Sean Anderson is being called up from AAA Sacramento to pitch Wednesday. Mike good jumpy. There will be there. I don't moan anymore. But nobody why ain't nobody cares. Sean Anderson's, Sean Anderson is a stud pitcher manny's. Beady? And I mean, you got to do it. And this guy looks better this better stuff and Tyler beating got big league lettuce. Check out his blonde hair. It's flown out the back of his head. You're gonna love it. It's funny. I we've are high school kid played a team the other day the kid had big league that is really. Jacob degrom before the haircut. Are you? I wonder if they pitch that guy looks like he can pitch. Are you stealing from Eckersley with that lettuce? That's just like, I don't know a baseball. He's dead said Guerrero junior is the best ball player. He's ever seen could be for that a little bit, Mike. He hasn't even had a big league at bat yet. He said it on some Toronto airwaves, and it was his thing. Kipper Gilroy real quick to add about the ball. The ball boys. Yeah. You know, I was a little disappointed last year. I was looking into becoming a ball, dude. For the giants. I figured I'm in my fifties. Maybe I call by. Crook laugh. Yeah. Yeah. But you gotta go to ball, dude. School and pay. So it was something like well over five hundred bucks to. I own that. I'm thinking about purchasing that school. That's genius, man. Ball dude school what reload on his school? You're putting us on. You're putting us all look it up. Look it up on the giants website. If there's information there about it. These people are seventy five years old, and they fall on there. But I mean, what what what are we talking about? What what are you learn what are you learning at all dude school? They just wanna make some money. So you have the opportunity to maybe pull filagree. Gotcha. So basically you're paying to go on the field and have have crew. Yes. That's it. Exactly. Great. If we had a ball dude ball dude out there who just abided by none of the rules. He ran into fair territory. He hurled the ball hard into the stands. He instead of giving it to kids and the little girls and boys he gave it to adults. I give I give ball to to adult. Cute women. That's what I would do your smart man undisciplined ball to that would be the cameras on. They flip the bird. I mean, it would just be awesome. Just like the ball, dude. Runamuck day. Yeah. Hey, just to finish this off. So for your five hundred dollars. You do what? To learn how to. Fall down. Now. I don't know. I mean, they they didn't really say what the whole schooling entail. You know, the Kip UM. A helmet helmet. Okay. Well, anyway, I I'm glad you turned it down. I mean, I I think that sounds like maybe Brodie Brazil needs to investigate. I think we need somebody need somebody behind the scenes going to ball, dude. School on our behalf to find out. Exactly the meat and potatoes behind that. Oh my gosh. All right. Can't thanks for keeping your dignity. We'll talk to you soon. The text line says and the seven seven five talk to your good friend grant, Napier his son is a Sacramento Kings ballboy. Okay. And I would imagine. That's a good connection. I don't know if they have to pay grandson just to be with his dad and be at the game. I disagree. I think grandson probably makes a six figuring gamble. Go ahead and say that Matt vacuum wheels way we're playing man. F P continue to say on this story is as can be our investigates. Yes, Matt urine Camby are. Yeah. I was just gonna say he's exactly right. My father-in-law's a lifetime giant fan. So we had an idea that we were going to put them as a as a fall. Clinic. Old news young guy. They all compete, my father-in-law ended up. He's seventy two years old. He ended up on a hamstring Tenterfield shaggy and fly ball. This is terrible. They'll be to be a ball, dude. It's a process met though. I honestly thought oh what a cute back and forth. But would you say it's a moneymaker? Is that it? Yeah. Because our they got it. I would imagine they have a huge amount of applicants that want to do that very coveted trial, you take ground balls current to you have trivia on giant's history. And then they pick one guy out of thirty or sixty guys at the end of the day. My final exam you've got a high five Lucille. Well as long as that's all you have to do with Lucille so met. Did you turn it down? No, my father in law went there. We got a jersey with his name on it number nine for Matt Williams. He, but then you don't end up making the cut like I said, there's one guy out of fifty that makes it at the end of the day. And he actually makes it onto a field during a real good. So you paid fight in a sense you paid five hundred dollars for Matt Williams jersey. Yeah. And the experience to go out there and watch guys try to bend over and get ground ball. Okay. All right. Okay. Well, that's nice. You tried. Boy. I'm larry. Are we learning something or I'll admit I'm learning did you? So is this the giants or somebody else if it's the giants then school signed Dallas kaikal seriously, you're getting five hundred bucks from all these jerks to go to school. I mean seriously, it's forty dollars to park. Yeah. It's five hundred bucks for bowl dude school. Go get Dallas kaikal gosh. Anyway. So mad was your was your father disappoint disgusting. You know, we went down there. The whole family experience image for children colluding, my wife, we went grandkids went. So we got a kick out of it spent the day doing it. So do they actually have you do they try that like hit some foul balls, and and you have to bend over? And do you know what it takes cough? Go full. You take a full on session in the outfield with four and five all hit by some you know, like a hitting coach or one of the ex players. And then like ask you, you take you take ground ball do. Okay. Anyway, man. Thanks for the information. I it's like fantasy camp. Wait. I think we have broken news today. I was unaware this. Larry, can you admit that you didn't know this? I knew none of that. Yeah. You can mean totally ignorant to the ball, dude. Machinations behind the scenes, they again, if the giants are themselves getting five hundred.

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