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And he's live every tuesday at six ten during mets on ondeck now coming up this afternoon at two o'clock at saint patrick's a memorial service for the guy everybody loved the late rusty staub he was one of the founders of the new york police fire widows and children's foundation and right now we have the chair airman of that foundation stephen dan houser on the line good morning stephen are you good morning well just give us an idea of what rusty meant to you and what he meant to the benefit we'll listen rusty was beloved figure at the new york police fire widows and children's benefit fund and he was hands on he was active she wasn't just a figurehead every one of our events the the widows and beneficiaries would come up and just wanna be near him because he had that kind of personality and that kind of love so the for the work that we were doing he's he's a very special man stephen can you give us a sense of just how much money you disperse on yearly basis to the the the widows and children of our slaying firefighters and policemen well historically we have distributed over one hundred and forty million dollars to at least of fallen heroes last year alone we we distributed about four point three million dollars the notion and and i was involved from from the beginning with rusty the notion was we didn't want to just send out a check when somebody died we do that to twenty five thousand dollars as soon as someone dies in the line of duty to help them cover whatever expenses exist but we wanted to stay part of their lives so that's where we came up with the notion of an annual stipend which is a function of of how much we raise and you know we've been doing this for since nineteen eighty five so we have a fair amount of history and some of them are widows are into their eighties and nineties and the monies we distribute to them are greater than their pension or their social security receipts we're almost stephen dan houser chairman of the new york police and fire widows and children's benefit fund a memorial for rusty staub one of the founders of the organisation two o'clock today at saint patrick's and.

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