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You can tell it's just you feel like it's the time. So I think a lot of women are really going to be blown away. We certainly were so congratulations. What did the part that really like stopped me in my tracks took out my notebook how to write it down was the term you used. Electrically raped. This. Is In my opinion game changing effect that you could name what this is because. There are so many people out there. How is it the? It's the woman's fault. The woman is a whatever and like how about the guy? How about him leaking how about him selling it? How about him making money off it? How about him? What's you know? What happened to you is so unfair and so on. Cool and I, love that you said, if it happened in twenty twenty like it would not be called the same thing. And the term electronically raped. We see all these women who have sent a photo, sent a whatever, and then are blackmailed for it and then are used for it, and that's what it is. It's right. Well, it's like what when this is happening to you like revenge porn wasn't a thing yet so It's like the woman was like your said like I was the bad guy where it's like. Well, maybe the bad guy it was the guy that was king selling this video and trying to promote it for his own benefit and it's just times have changed a lot and you just unfortunately had to go through that like the worst part and the worst time to be a woman when something like that happened you. was. A nightmare and the fact that the whole world is looking at a laughing making fun of me calling the slut. This was a man I was a teenager i. Love, the my trusted him and then to be just violated by. And then the whole world. Laming me like it's my fall. Just. I'm so grateful that times have changed and the people are finally realizing how wrong was. obviously I. Wish it never happened, but it would've happened at any time I. Wish it was just like now instead of abandoning 'cause the way I was treated. Was So just wrong and so painful and. Just. The biggest regret in my life is meeting him. Because I feel that he took everything away from me. Out For the rest of my life. People are going to judge me based upon one night with someone. I really trusted when no one was ever supposed to see that. And you know just just saying such terrible things about me. There's something that everyone does you know everybody obviously hopes up. and. I know a lot of people who have filmed it. But you know put it out like. And you were also so young like Oh Yang every. Every woman who is having sex when they're in their teens early twenties. And experimenting, figuring out what they like who they are like you. It's just so unfair like it's like. Reaching puberty and then having the whole world see it like that's so. Okay, next topic, I, feel like I want you to have a daughter to have all those amazing close. But I also feel like having a son would be such an important thing for for him to have someone like you because I think that that's the thing is we've really up as a society is that men lack have lacked empathy for women when those things happen in the shame that we carry for the rest of our lives like that will never go away. So I think I do hope for the universe you have a boy to. Planning. Be. A boy and girl when. When? You freeze your eggs you can pick boy girl turns. So maybe Lunden, which is the girl. We out. The boy, if you have any suggestions, I. Wanted to be city named like his there you carry on. E. OF LIKE CITIES I don't know it's hard to decide but London for sure of girl the boy I'm just still trying to decide on. thinking caps on deepen egg freezing right now. So we're like wait we haven't named the eggs yet. There's a home see Paris still influencing us yup. Oh I wanted to ask you about being a powerful woman because this is something that we talk about all the time and relationships where you know we're big powerful women and we have our brand and all this stuff, and then we kind of have to act like sissies around our guys are husbands so that they still feel like they can save us like it's like this weird thing how do you deal with the fact that you are famous you are successful you're super smart. You're rich like how do you feed someone's ego or allow there to be room for them to be masculine or in your relationship? Does I'm excited Needed because you don't need a man. Yeah, I never had before but I would. Button into my life of China Ben, and. They would become emasculated. Jealous. INSECURE THEY WANNA put me down to make themselves feel up and I feel like they would try to just do things to me to make me feel so insecure like I could only get them and just a lot of just eared manipulation And this is the first time in a relationship now where I'm with an equal. Who has his own going on? He doesn't want to be in the spotlight hates the cameras he's really businessman. So successful doesn't need money doesn't need fame he just needs love and knee and every other relationship before this. has been the complete opposite so. Yes It's about finding the right the end that actually. Can like Mesh with you. We call them dating normies yeah. I mean we're not on Paris Hilton level, but we're like Bekker's married to a normal who hates the camera I'm married to? It's the camera jacks like less of an army but you need you need a normal guy that's like I don't want to be on your instagram we've come on. That's the guy you wanna be with. Yes. Yeah makes it more fun. Rested just hungry. Tigers. Alston. Keane says the new word for Hungary's. Burst Mostly cloudy. What does that mean? Memory you always say hungry tighter on my Cadillac will chasers at the new word for it. I was like all like asthma instead Peres God oughta cloud chasers in my life. It's such. It's been also just like an la there's just. Find a man that doesn't chase clout. They're all. They're all here to do you a shirt that's like club Chaser, and then like has the lake. juicers. So before we move on the last thing, I want to ask you parents because a lot of this documentary revolves around the school that you were sent to I went to go check out the school and they have a disclaimer. Like at the top of their website, that's like, Hey, were under new management like there's a documentary I mean they are freaking. Crazy. Yeah, they are. and and you you get together with other survivors and I thought for me and the girls might have a different idea. But for me, the most interesting part was when you had, you know all these other survivors that you went to school with in your house and you're all talking and they're like, yeah, we watched the simple life and we're like, where did this voice come from and like Paris's acting like she's never seen a mop like us to make us mop every day like. I thought that was really telling because you know you can say, Hey, this is a character or this changed me forever. But for other people that you haven't seen in twenty years to say we watched you and we're like is this is this is not the person we went to school with. Now. Must have been like a real trip for you to have them say that 'cause you probably didn't even realize.

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