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In the last sensationally stirring season of the radio adventures of up Lloyd, , our heroes, Dr , Floyd, , and his young protege Dr Grant found out that their faithful robot companion chips could talk as if this remarkable revelation wasn't enough the first thing chips made clear was that she was a she and he has everyone always assume these two dynamic disclosures left us with a lot of unanswered questions. . So let's not waste a second more. . Let's join. . Grant on the deck of their time and space ship as they learn more about the plucky robots chips. . That you could talk all this time. . Knowing well, , then why did you always say Doodoo well, , could you understand me when I say? ? Yeah Get a different time. . No I guess not. . We have so many questions we have to ask you for instance, , where do you come from? ? I come from. . The One. . And you want to hear it. . Yes. . Yes. . We've been waiting since the end of last season well. . Come from many years ago I was as chips relates the rushing and truly earth-shattering details ever origin. . Let's see what diabolically devious deeds, , maniacal Malcontent, , Dr Steve and his sneaky sock shaped assistant. . To visit. . featured. . Quickly bring me the phone I need to cast my vote for my favorite dancer on. . So I guess you can chop. . Who Am I voting for White Beatrice. . Of course she's clearly the best chance. . Raul is good. . I'll give you that but he's Remember to watch the results tomorrow night only on. . The Super Study Broadcasting Network. . Vote for Beatrice. . You don't get to vote. . You'll vote for Raoul and well, , that's just plain irresponsible I won't allow it. . I don't care if you think it's fair or not look more people vote for reality TV shows than for president that means a TV vote carries more weight and I will not allow you to waste of vote when you vote for Raoul. . Moat don't give me that suffrage stuff. . What do you think you are Susan B. Anthony? ? You just leave the having voting to wait a minute feature. . That's it. . Quick to the controls. . We need to make a time jump to Rochester, , New York on November eighteenth seventy two. . We are going to steal the ballots that Susan B. Anthony cast in that year's presidential election the ballot that led to a trial that brought nationwide attention to the women's right to vote movement. . Just imagine how much that will fetch on Ebay. . Horrible News. . Director Steve is on route burglarize the ballot cast by the mother of the women's right to vote Moveon Susan B. Anthony Hopefully. . Our heroes who are still enthralled with the story of Gypsies origin will be able to prevent him from achieving his agree just plan. . Culture with Jessica. . Simple. . Stop. . That is fascinating shifts that really does answer a lot of questions should. . Meet is where's the family now? ? Where's? ? In fact. . Really when they moved here pace eighteen, seventy , to. . Talk to Stephen Fidget have just made a time space junk to I was gonNA say because that's not too far from. . What Stephen Time. . Jump. . To. . Eighteen seventy two in the new. . No. . No time to waste on exclamations of worried. . Quick. . We've got to follow him as our heroes race off to follow Dr Steve. . Let's go back in time ourselves to November fifth eighteen, , seventy, , two, , the place seventeen Madison streets in Rochester New York. . It is six thirty am and a group of fifteen women standing outside the home of one Susan B. Anthony who has just come out the front door good morning sisters of three. . Susan. . Oh you already to make history. . As you know the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution says that all people born in the United States our citizens. . It also says that all citizens are entitled to the privileges of Citizenship and wonderful privileges is voting. . Yes, , we will both nited states right great. . That makes us, , citizens, , right. . That means we have the right to vote. . Let's vote then sisters. . Wait a minute. . Hang on what's a matter Susan? ? Does anyone know where the polling places? ? Never mind. . I haven't. . It's on the back of might sample. . Okay come on we don't want them to run out of those. . This'll voted stickers. . As Susan B, , Anthony Group of women voters head off to the polls little. . Do they know they are being trailed by Dr Steven fidget will stephen featured be able to Swipe Susan B. Anthonys ballots will floyd Dr Grant and chips get there in time to stop. . Dr Steve from. . Carrying out his evil plan and will we ever get to hear the entire story of Gypsies origin. . They really stop interrupting me and the important thing people need to understand about my past is next time on the radio. . Adventures. .

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