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They once again here's bill huge silence oh yeah oh no i got the wrong typical typically he wouldn't be able i don't think so stay on the saturday night show james christopher ben horowitz the other slide on the other side i love it keeps you tweets caveat peres adrian tweet said more impressive than golfing all the hag just occurred that i washed up pacman with his first koa over eleven years manny pacquiao winning tonight and listen i'm i'm not an avid boxing fan and the casual boxing fan give me a big finding minute sit there watching i fought enough manny pack yells career who cares i mean really who cares what he did tonight i'm sorry that's not more than a woman taking a drag of a cigarette at seventy nine years old driver the ball twenty five yards that my friend will not be topped so we came in at morass gps i'll selfishly plug that until the day i die i am i how do i put this i'm broaching the subject now because i know my wife's asleep so i know i can get by but a couple hours now we are at twelve forty a m eastern time nine forty pm pacific obviously my i have a flight that leaves at seven am eastern so in five hours basically i'll be boarding a plane and i am going to hawaii for the first time in my life and for those of you who have gone i'm sure it's beautiful obviously because when have you ever heard hawaii's not and it's a dream vacation for me my wife we've saved for a little bit we don't have kids we don't own a house shed we can do all those things we just don't we like traveling or puffer hawaii anyway long story longer number one biggest problem with hawaii isn't cost it's the flight length and if you live on the west coast perhaps this isn't a big deal to you in this would be the same you'd feel about going to the bahamas or something like that we're east coasters find that to be a pretty easy flight or easy trip or bermuda insert caribbean island here from the east coast it's easy to get to to get to hawaii it's hard to get a direct flight number one even from a place like new york number two it's so damn long no matter what it's gonna take me thirteen hours to get the hawaii more thirteen and i'm not sleeping because i'm hosting the show some hoping i could sleep on the plane on top of the thirteen hours which is a struggle along it's not thirteen hours in your own peace and tranquility we all know what it's like with significant other you'll love him to death but thirteen hours basically locked in a seat belt next to somebody how do you make it out of that how do people get the hawaii with smiles on their face and go man yeah we didn't fight once over meet chewing my twix bar too loud as we were above the rocky mount so i talked to my wife about this and i said okay i'm going to do the show till two am eastern come home i'll be home for like an hour then we gotta we gotta get going to the airport i'll wake you up okay no problem i got to sleep on the plane i'm gonna take whatever i'm going to take i'm going to try to knock out on the plane she's in grad school right now our getting her masters i really should know this i don't know goes in one ear out here and she has a paper to type every week so she's not off of school this week it's an online situation so she goes i'm bringing my laptop i'm gonna get all my sources i'm going to spend the whole trip typing on my paper right away problem number numeral there okay we to lay this whole thing out for you i will bring earplugs i'll put like some kind of winter hat over my face the block whatever light and i'm gonna bring a little pillow to kick back on by the way i'm bringing a regular pillow straight up regular pillow across my back these airplane pillows that we have could be more uncomfortable they've propelled the.

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