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If that's what he did at the time he did it in a blitz. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah the the baseball like story about him. Is that he when he went to tour of the yankees. You stood at home plate and threw it over the center. Field wall like at through one step bone over center field. The guy had alc- crazy crazy arm. And then the helicopter like that. Oh yeah asked. Me is like one of my earliest memories sports. It's the first super bowl that i can remember being a good game so like that. My whole childhood was like cowboys by million forty niners by million. Packers beat the patriots. Lot in that game was like holy shit like and that moment. This one's for john he he is just what he's like. So revered the way you guys were saying that carlson probably should have been fired by by the broncos. He's missed six quarterbacks. He's had a few head coaches but he just. They're just this year though. I think they're going to have big improvement under fangio. I agree and they finally got the right quarterback in there. So i'm gonna say. I like what i do. Actually like the broncos this year a little bit to be surprised team. I like that dave. You're up again. I'm up again. So current i don't know how this is going to play. I need another artist sierra. I wanna go julio jones. He's active is that allowed. Yes but he's not like he's pretty josh beckett and he's i mean how are you supposed to draft someone. Yeah it's a tough tough category. I'm well aware i dunno use. But he's if you want julio jones and how old is he now He he was in that. No thirty two madman something like that. They started to. He's been a leaks since twenty eleven. Fuck you got him. I would have guessed you. That's where like. I think i think like if it's a little later in the decade you take them if you want to take them easily the titans right. Yeah yeah titans so. It's gonna be a titans picture got damaged know it. I'm going to do it. i'm going to go. Julio jumps all right. I mean probably the best of the two thousand ten era wide receiver. I mean start to finish I mean megatrend woulda been but he retired early and everything only had six year career. If that Laird fits was mr like we. Just said consistency julia. Jones had those fucking big time years pushing through two thousand in the two and the twenty twenties. He's probably going to be one of the better number two options as a wide receiver. So oh he's he. This guy's looking at white sox roster. He needs another wide from the eighties. He's yeah it's tough coming together. It's not coming off spot. Yeah he's gronk certain alright. Julio jones chief you're up again all right. I have a tight end that i want but i think the way the board is. You're gonna go double up. Yeah i gotta go. Why don't i gotta go twenty twenties white out and i think there's a more obvious one just sitting there as tyreek hill like tyreek hill is like the most electric guy in the league and still is and he's on like them like he him mahomes. Or what makes that team go. And i feel like if you're gonna take a wideout from the twenty twenties. I don't know how you don't take tyreek hill. So white sox dave thank you very much i mean i prefer not to have you know what i..

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