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Eighties and Bernard Sumner the senior lead singer of new order. And the three of them actually really Johnny. Marin Bernard Sumner, but did a couple of songs the former band called electron EQ. And that was a supergroup because of they were so popular from their in their own rights when they're other groups. And so the the song chose was getting away with it. All right. I am beyond lost early on. Hold on. Let me let me write some not. I feel like a knack Hala just just just explained CR Demy is one hundred twenty eight points of simultaneous contact supposed to your retreated position of the mandible win Bobo ball. Let Terry go docs is elevator muscles contract. Okay, so what's the name of the song? Let me write this down. I'm serious getting away with it by electron ick. She's so he was played solo Friday night and he's he did sing that song. I saw that you went to someone's concert that I had never heard of before, and I thought this is totally on brand for Lance because you are stoked out. If your mind before it. I literally thought it was a homeless guy. Seattle is like corner. I'm gonna be interested to hear this because you had me charmed of mainly just because I have a list of Milano love, and the rest of this was sort of a convoluted mess. Almost like you tried to explain all five seasons of the wire and under thirty seconds. So I'm gonna be tried to peel back the layers of the onion this try to see exactly what you're talking about, but this is getting away with it by electron ick. That's right. And there are supergroup formed of members of another supergroup fulltime like super group. They all form together to we'll their deadly sword. Johnny marr and Bernard Sumner make 'electronic. All right. I'm, I'm glad that part's over. So for Lance Timmerman, this is a very confused. Joshua Austin piece. King is just suit, get wet. Pool, sing. Two. Getting. See. That makes me it feels. What. Away. Good. I gave up falling in. I guess. Kid. So you know, and it's. K. through mud. So just suggest that. Try to that is less repress.

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