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11 for visit fatherhood dot gov brought to you by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Ad Council. For 44. Here's Marina with our co Moh traffic pretty serious situation into come on 56th Street. Both directions affected just passed I five Comma Boulevard. But right before Pacific Avenue, the roadway is blocked because of a fatality club crash that looks like it's been reported there so That could be very difficult. If you have to travel through that area as Faras I five itself into coma. It's not bad. It's North found that is going to be slow in your ice Highway seven. He's found 5 12 really struggling from Steel Street through Parkland out to golden, given road south and I five heavy from Highway 18 down through the five curve. We have it slow South bound for 05 from I 90 towards Newcastle north under five, finally improving When you first leave North gate and you will be in the thick of it. It will be tough up to about 1 45th Pardon me 1 75th Then it starts to improve into Mountlake Terrace That's from an earlier collision. We still have an issue north of Shelton on Highway 101 both directions effective between Shelton Springs Road and West Dayton Airport Road, and that is a collision blocking both directions, so they do have detours in place. This look, a traffic is brought to you by target. Zero. Extra enforcement patrols are on our roads so everyone can arrive safely. It's a fine line between the best ride ever in the last right evermore it it's a fine line dot com Next. Come on traffic for 50 for increasing clouds in our forecast tonight lows in the fifties chance of some scattered light rain, especially tomorrow morning, with a high staying in the sixties. Tomorrow afternoon. Partly sunny skies near 70 on Wednesday downtown Seattle 70.

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