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We would have been part of the you're not going to comment many like Sally was appointed to John McCain see from Arizona and faces a tough election to hold on to that seat an hour after the incident president trump's campaign account on Twitter posted the video clip cheering make Sally Ann asking supporters to help raise money for her EE CBS news time ten forty eight let's get the traffic and weather together here's Jim Feldman and the southbound side of the Q. E. John just jammed up from the cashiers coverage dental Atlantic Avenue with this accident that still has the right lane shot down north bound rubbernecking delays and then more now northbound lanes between the Manhattan bridge and we get is humbled were broken down vehicle they're still has the right lane blocked this report sponsored by spectrum business to queens you've got delays on the Jackie Robinson parkway west bound it's all because of construction by Woodhaven Boulevard eastbound side of the LA E. is a little slow as you getting into the area of wood haven Boulevard with construction and westbound watch for some road work off of that ran from both directions of the van white and the clear view northbound bumper to bumper getting on to the Throgs neck bridge it is all the construction that is there as well west bound side of the cross Bronx jammed up as you're getting towards the Alexander Hamilton bridge on the bridge itself there is an accident in the left lane both directions of the D. and out of that ramp to the west bank cross Bronx jammed up to spectrum business does business differently they don't add phone taxes are hidden fees to their prices so when they say you can get their best offer ever on internet and phone for only sixty four ninety eight per month that's all you pay extravagantly less than ten minutes away.

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