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Ago. Her son now owns the property. I guess there was some dogs here sniffing in the backyard. Then you know the tape came up so really, until today, you know, we didn't know that the first wife went missing. Way were under the impression that she had left on her own accord. And that's really all we knew. That's neighbor Gale crew authorities in Northbrook say there is no active threat to people in the community. They just want answers about what happened to Linda Seymour bicyclist in critical condition after being struck by a vehicle on the Southwest side. Police say the man was riding a bike early this morning. When he was hit by that vehicle in the 2600 block of South Western Avenue, Now it North Illinois Masonic at critical condition in critical condition. The person who is at fault in this crash has not yet been determined yet. Two people charged in connection with a dog attack in the northwest suburbs that killed a pet and injured two people. Here's WGN's James here. Police in Palestine say a woman was walking a pit bull and an Akita Monday night when they escaped from their leash and attack a small white dog, killing it and biting its owner. The two dogs, then attacked another small white dog and bit its owner. That dog survived. Woman is charged with reckless conduct for not having proper collars on the pit Bull and Akita while their owner was issued 13 citations for violating city ordinances. James Syria's WGN News Chicago Alderman Brown and Riley plans to introduce a plan today at the City Council meeting to put a cap on ride share fees. The proposals would limit how much uber and lift can charge for rides. Riley says right your companies have over taken taxis in Chicago, right share companies have surge pricing during peak times like rush hour and on weekends. This proposal would limit the price of those surges to no more than 150%. Of the normal fare is Chicago City Council also expected to rename Lakeshore Drive today after Jon Batiste do subtle. In Elgin, the state board after the state Board of Education called for a complete return to in person classes school district there, ER is developing a remote learning academy they superintendent says. There has to be some sort of accommodations for kids who can't go to school yet. Elgin area district. You 46 developing that remote learning academy that will allow students who are unvaccinated or with medical conditions to attend schools remotely Superintendent Tony Sander. There's a lot of unknowns. If you'd open it for anybody. There's a lot of requirements in the state statute that make it difficult implement. Beyond just students have the medical need and can't get vaccinated You 46 is the second largest school district in Illinois. More than half of its 38,000 students are currently learning remotely. And now we WGN sports. Here's Andy Baser. Lots of good and the Cubs 4 to 3 went over the Pirates last night. Jack Peterson home Ring twice. Anthony Rizzo drives in the go ahead run. Craig Kimbrel nailing down the say the bullpen runs it scoreless streak to 29 2 3rd innings. Pacheco Horner had to exit because of the left hamstring strain. He'll be evaluated today. More information about his status will be known later on this afternoon. Comes just a half a game behind the Cardinals in the sexual gave two of that Syria's tonight with Trevor Williams on the bond for the Cubs in the media, former high school teammates Lucas Giolito outdueling Jack Clarity and the White Sox getting it the 31 of the cardinal's on the South side yesterday. Give, you know, learning his second straight when Jose Bre, You homered and drove in four runs of the victory. The White Sox looking for the sweep of ST Louis, which has lost three straight Carlos Roden will go this afternoon for the White Sox NBA playoffs from yesterday. The Nets taking it to old leader. They're serious over the Celtics of the victory last night. Dallas also up to nothing, and it's serious against the Clippers mascot a six point win yesterday. Lakers evening up their series with the Sons after a 109 to 1 to win yesterday. NHL Stanley Cup playoffs. It was the May police and hurricanes each winning last night, both moving to within a game of advancing to the next round of the playoffs. Wayne Gretzky steps down from his role with the Edmondson Oilers and effective immediately. The Great One set to join TNT is a hockey analyst for next season and the Chicago Sky Fall of the Atlanta Dream 90 to 83 the final last night. Maybe major w g and sports. You know the forecast from the WGN Chicago Weather Center. Here's meteorologist, Morgan Put Good Morning. We're in the upper sixties this morning with scattered showers here throughout the morning, hours drying up as we get.

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