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This product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical I was going to kill somebody I want to start with me some by number one June ninth chains basically two weeks ago two weeks and they have a goal on on this program talking about Alexandria Ocasio wanted thanks I think this woman gets off one attention I think this woman gets off tweaking people on our side I don't think she means it is for a man I think he's just having fun watching people blow up if she does believe it then she so stupid that had nothing to do about it I think there is a part of her that just can't go a day without get noticed and like anybody either get used to that and then people get used to you and so you've gotten noticed kind of starts to decline then you have to wrap it up kind of like having a liner amount early and it's there for a while you don't have to cross it to get noticed but then after a while people are so accustomed to your reader stupidity or your shock value or whatever that it no longer shocks anybody so you're going to go over the line and that was in reaction to her qualifying our detention centers concentration camps and you remember the reaction the concentration of this you have any idea what went on in concentration camps and I saw my tech blog they were defending her I saw the number of other left wing publications they were defending her yep these detention centers are concentration camps people concentration camps just doesn't mean you kill people in there it's all about torture it's about mistreatment it's about denying the basic services so you've got a large part of the American journalist community back in Europe that were running concentration camps the United States doesn't run concentration camps now we may have some CIA black site for bad guy terrorists we don't run concentration camps but she got the attention that she wanted but then it faded you see it did well hang on so she have the pull the spot yesterday she may not know that we will round up people from south of the border they're coming here she's making it look like we're sending posses out over the border may call we're rounding up a bunch of people we don't like him they look different from us no way around them up and we bring them back to the concentration camp that we make them drink what ever is in the toilet that's what she wants people to believe and right there is the drive by media applauding it certainly not objecting to it in not correcting we're talking about people come here illegally when she made this comment about concentration camps she wise criticized roundly for her hysterics inner ignorance but not by any to people she respects next there were pictures of her that surfaced where she sat up photographs of herself supposedly crying next to went chain link fence we were supposed to believe that it was where illegal migrant children were being held and mistreated except it was an empty parking lot it was stated it was a hoax just like this act yesterday is a state hoax probably with media coordination her image has taken a hit this is a woman totally immersed in devoted to social media and these people can't take any criticism box if it's not you'll never miss Browning praise they get nervous so she went to tour a border patrol facility in el Paso I believe this was needed to help restore whatever credibility she thinks she has left looks like she once again tried to pull off a hoax screaming at federal officials making wild claims about illegals being told to drink toilet water it looks like a stunt so now she needs a story to make her look like a heroin our hero some people might misunderstand Herald I'm not saying she wants to look like a syringe that's for you to decide I'm saying she wants to be a hero like a person who knows what she's talking about she wants that kind of gravitas and respect that she cares but she is looking ridiculous she has look particularly ridiculous this past week and he's trying to create a situation to make ourselves look good make the federal employees look bad and somebody needs to Colorado the OJ needs to collar on an ice border patrol needed collar on it there need to be hearings held on these kind of baseless charges they did a very fielded blown to smithereens put her and everybody else under oath because everybody involved here is denying that they're making anybody drink out of toilets and whatever is in the toilets and there aren't any witnesses interesting when there aren't any witnesses that back this up it doesn't matter she still getting away with having said it making federal employees look bad she's making these people who are doing what you wouldn't do you want that job knowing you don't have the support of a large percentage of the gun you want this job for what these people are being paid you go down there and deal with that drags of politicians in a number of other people trying to capitalize on this for their own personal there isn't any compassion for the people down there don't be fooled by this the Democrats love this stuff they love the suffering they love the misery they love the photo ops they love the opportunity it presents because they know that they start blaming Republicans for it and there will be the media echoing available finding the criticism and the blame to me this whole thing is a spot just lying about concentration camps is lying about her emotional state looking at fenced children where there was a parking lot what he wanted that she's lying about everything involving this facility that she went through where people being forced to drink toilet water I don't believe these people is.

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