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Good morning, I'm Mark Lewis with the top local stories we're following this hour. The U.S. Supreme Court now hearing oral arguments about President Biden's student loan forgiveness plan. Let's go live to the Supreme Court. That's where we find WTO's Luke Luger. We have smart thousands of protesters and activists, some with the NAACP are here rallying near the steps of the Supreme Court urging those judges to not overturn president Joe Biden's executive order, canceling student loan debt for millions of Americans. The crab is chanted, education is a right we've heard from dozens of speakers explaining why exactly millions of Americans deserve to have up to 20 grand of student loan debt forgiven. Some of them have pointed to the fact that many can't buy homes or start businesses because of those lofty payments over their heads, opponents of the forgiveness have argued that it's not taxpayers responsibilities to pay for the debts of others, Supreme Court, as you said, are going to be hearing arguments for the next few hours. And we may get a decision in the next few months, reporting live at the Supreme Court Luke Luger WTO news All right, Luke, thank you, ten O four. 50 year old David Thornton was convicted of child sex crimes in 2020, but it took nearly two years for fairfax county school officials to learn about that arrest and conviction. Thornton was working as a counselor at Glasgow middle school. A bill now heading to governor Glenn youngkin's desk hopes to prevent that scenario from happening again. The legislation was introduced by senator Scott servile, after a fairfax county school's counselor, continued working 20 months after being arrested for soliciting prostitution from a minor in Chesterfield county, correspondents from police to the school was never delivered. I think we cleaned it up and built in some redundancy to ensure that errors aren't going to occur. The bill would require school districts to have updated contact info on file, circuit and district courts would also have access to the information. The last kind of person any parent would ever expect to have working in her school would be a sex offender. And I think it's absolutely critical that we have systems in place to prevent that from ever happening. If the governor signs the bill, it will then go into effect in July. Melissa Howell WTO P news. Washington commander's owner, Daniel Snyder is once again reportedly at crosshairs with his fellow NFL owners. According to a Washington Post report, Snyder wants the other owners and the league to shield him against future legal liability and costs if he sells the team. His demands also reportedly include a threat to sue if those conditions are not met. According to two people familiar with developments, Snyder's demands have angered some of the owners and renewed discussion about voting to remove him as owner if he does not sell. The team has released a statement denying the post story. Pointing to what he calls a staggering racial wealth gap in D.C., council member Kenyan mcduffie is reintroducing a bill to research and propose how the city could pay reparations to descendants of enslaved people. In his bill at large council member Kenya mcduffie writes, quote, we do not live in a post racial society, and racial equality has not been achieved. He says it's necessary for government sanctioned action to atone for its role in slavery, segregation and racism that denied wealth building opportunities for black families. Noting a typical white household in D.C. has a net worth 81 times greater than a typical black household. First proposed in 2020, the reparations foundation fund and task force establishment act of 2023, aims to create a 9 member task force to determine how the city would pay reparations and to also establish a slavery era database of records of enslaved people at the time. Meghan cloher, a WTO news. We've been reporting on unmarked graves that were discovered around buoys, sacred heart church, as the effort to uncover and identify the remains of enslaved people continues, cardinal Wilton Gregory is meeting face to face with their descendants. It was a solemn special and emotional prayer service in front of hundreds of rediscovered graves, a chance to offer overdue recognition for the hundreds of souls buried in forgotten on this hill. There is a lot of work that needs to be done. People are finally finding out what happened. Stephanie white of our moral borough and Jeremy Alexander of Fulton both found their way back to this area after their ancestors were sold off to plantations in the south. Arnold Jones. Say there. This is important to have them recognize and honored. You know, for what they did. And cardinal wilden Gregory vowed those once forgotten will be held in honor. In buoy. By those of us who remain. John dome in WTO P news. Just ahead in money news. How many of your friends are lawyers? I'm Jeff claypool. It's ten O 8. Michael and sons peting tune up for only $59. Michael and son. Traffic and weather on the 8s, Rita Kessler in the WTO traffic center. Well, if you're on the beltway mark the outer loop of the beltway and prince George's county delays coming from route 50, headed toward the Baltimore Washington Parkway due to the earlier erect should be over along the right side. Then a brief delay on the top side coming from 29 colesville road toward Georgia avenue. Now, if you're on the American legion bridge, you'll start to slow headed toward Georgetown pike the work is set up in the left lane inner loop a little heavy getting past the toll road watch for anything getting ready to set up there. Now north bet on the George Washington Parkway we are seeing a delay passing one 23 trying to head toward turkey run. This is usually a single lane, getting by the work. The eastbound dulles connector wrote at one 23 the crash had been along the right side, while westbound 66 after glebe road, the work was along the right side. Eastbound little river trumpet before Guinea wrote a broken down truck had been in the right lane, westbound 6 O 6 near pebble run place in Sterling the left lane was getting by the crash and collars reporting southbound 95 after 32. There had been a work zone set up, taking the right lane. Looking for a new car, the weight is over Fitzgerald automata's hundreds of new and used cars to choose from, visit fit small dot com transparency you can trust. I'm Rita Kessler, WTO

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