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But, you know, there might have been two or three players at the end of the day you think about what's going on now with competition level only drivers. But teams then you've got you know, so many guys that are capable of winning. And that's the neat thing about today's racing. I mean, the field is deeper, thicker and competitions probably all the way through fifteen or twenty s deeper than what we had back in our day now, as we're talking here for Nando did have a trip into the wall, first guy, too. Do that. But I look at it this way he's fine. He got out and he's been cleared and he's and he's okay. And they've got a car to repair. But now he knows where the edge is doesn't. He. Well, you know, and I think that might have been little bit of dirty air from the car in front, and the front one little bit wide and raise the wall or free. I guess you can't say grace at two hundred twenty miles an hour. But, you know, the thing is that, that the thing that he said to be well, I guess I'm a member of the club now. So you're their member of the club, or you're going to become a member of the club run here as far as hitting the walls. He's going to be a better situation, you know, with Zac Brown in charge of the McLaren team. I mean the last time he ran there he ran in with Michael Andretti is huge organization. The fact that it's a little more concentrated. It's their own effort. Is that you think that's going to be a better situation for, for NANDA going into the five hundred Scott? Well, I think that anytime you walk into a turnkey operation, if you arrive here in your with an ready or Penske, or canasta, you know, Ed carpenter seems pretty stout here too. You know you sit in is I don't wanna call plug and play. But I mean, in plus you have emails around with you. And let's recall here that, you know, this is all brand new team, there might be three or four US-based people on this team. The rest are all from England. Right. So when you think about it, you've got these guys coming over not only learning Bacar learning IndyCar learning tires learning. Everything about the engine learning the track all the stuff that is going on other teams done here for years or decades. If you will McLaren's trying to get it all done here short space of a month. So I mean combine them with what they're trying to accomplish what they're doing and, you know, and there's no, there's none of this, where McLaren of where one with the guys. That's all they know they all got rookie stripes on their back and their whole goal to turn around and just make sure that the Lurs much off. Able in with the offroad extertion yesterday or wallet stirs. These guys were here late last night. And I thing this morning. So that's what Indies all about mo- Scott. It's perfect gig for you. You certainly have your own place in history with the Brickyard in the, the Indianapolis five hundred and I can't think of a better person to do some spotting for, for Mr. Lonzo solicit as we're talking going into qualifying here, the very, very best of luck with it, and we'll check in after the race and see how things played out. Thank you so much for the time. Scott's, always a pleasure. All right. Joy well obviously recorded prior to qualifying for the Indianapolis five hundred and as we know by now for none of Alonzo. The man who Scott Goodyear, there was going to spot for did not make the field. I think he lost getting into the, the last roll by what a few tenths of a second or something like that anyway, some nice, retrospective and some insight into the man, we appreciate that Canada's. Scott Goodyear, always great to have him on the matter. What he's doing. Okay..

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