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The got you can tell he didn't want to take up all of landen's arm rest physically couldn't not not yeah and that would be a very the whole think about you know it's just such a sad cycle i think you know where you get into this negative had space where you tell yourself all these horrible things this person probably thinking this about me this person's probably think ms about me and while i don't think it's just that they're thinking it i think a lot of times people verbally terrible things video there was a a one woman who is a plus size model who saw the guys sitting next to her texting rude things about her and she videotaped an inch called matt on it which is like hey buddy i see what you're standing over there like i just want to talk to you about like wow that makes me feel is that it it up and he kept saying i kind of attacking her first she's like i just want you to know that like i work out five times a week i below law like i'm a plus i'm a model people paid me to be in magazines and things like this like a kinda put him in his place but he didn't sound like he was at all sympathetic aura you know i think he's pros more garrison that went viral so you can probably find an icon you could definitely find will put will post that video played on a lot of these things in the newsletter you can sign up by the brain candy podcasts dot com we have little space where you can put your email in if any of you folks are nantes.

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