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You just got like a massive ulcer from the stress of of that situation. Well, he is a director. He certainly knows what he's talking about. But he said that he said you've never seen to actors more completely subservient and prostrate themselves at the feet of a director who then Tom and Nicole did. Yeah. And I believe it that it was working with Kubrick. And there were rumors already that this could be his final picture. And I think Tom and Nicole were at a place where like you said they could he could afford to take off that I'm like another. He probably. Yeah. Probably two times. Twenty at the time. It took right, right? But I could see them being just like what we'll do a thousand take Stanley. That's what you want because you're a genius. And he was like man, I've got these two. Yeah. I could so fuck with them. And I am going to I was reading or listening to something where similar tougher for Larry. Smith said something to the effect of Kubrick didn't do as many repetitive. Takes on this film as he had on other films internet because Tom and Nicole were more prepared than usual. Yeah. He said that some scenes would take two hours someone take two weeks. But, but there, you know, Kubrick had may be backed off a little bit on that sort of almost compulsive urge to like, you know, at least at least on certain scenes, anyway, right and others. He walked through the door, of course. Yeah. We talked about how on Barry Lyndon. You know, Leon batallio only had to do the vomiting seen once. You know? Right. Right. So it could be it could be something like that. Where he he just caught such a natural reaction of. Of Tom Nicole that he was like, we're never gonna do that better. Right, yvonne. But I still need you to walk through the door ninety five times, or whatever is tallies in this to right? He's the red cloaked mastermind of the ceremonies remove y'all. Exactly. Yeah. He's the one you speaks. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. For the second password and all that we'll get because God damn in. Interesting turn that movie so city policy. I love it the beginning this movie, he's got this Christmas party. And then the next thing, you know, he's he's with a sex worker shooting up speed ball. Yep. In up stairs room, and she's like, basically dead and Tom Cruise Odeen. Yeah. Revives her saying, you know, open your eyes. Okay. Mandy opener is which is kind of interesting. But got Pollick. Is so good. He's I mean, I I love Harvey towel. But I'm so happy that in an being Pollock in this film because. Yeah, Pollock just has that like Hollywood royalty. He's he's he's very charismatic. He's very like he's somebody that you know, you would feel completely comfortable like letting watch your kids or something. Yeah. But at the same time, we also has this kind of like he's played so many roles where he's like the older kind of corporate guy or whatever who like knows where all the bodies are buried, but but in a very nice way seem time. So. He such a wonderful stand in for kind of what I think Kubrick is is kind of gesturing towards which is this idea of like old money old power kind of like just like the American air Stocker see kind of he's like the perfect symbol that. Whereas Kyle, I think is a little more eccentric a little more like uncontrollable, and you know, just just wouldn't not as stable for. Yeah. Yeah. I don't think he would really read nearly as well in that in that part. Yeah. And while I'm thinking about also the other actor that was either replaced or had to leave Jennifer Jason Leigh was going play the daughter of the patient who passed away confesses her love to a Tom Cruise. You had to know that actor who played her in this. I don't know that she's done. Yeah. I'm not familiar with their either. She looked a little unhinged. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But that's just interesting. Those those two didn't make it through the production. Interesting. So going back to two Sydney Pollack and in the party and all that. Yeah. Well. I think he after the the big night out. Yeah. Which we'll talk about in greater detail. Yes. He comes back in the whole next thirty minutes, or so is him sort of trying to undo the things like he literally goes and checks in on every retraces footsteps outstay time finds out Nick Nightingale..

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