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We've got Evan Lazar here and Evan. This is a quick turnaround. This one's a tough one. It's a review preview sort of episode. We're going to look back on the charge a little bit cuz you had a chance to look at the film on Monday and jump ahead to the Rams which is happening at warp speed obviously with the Thursday night turn around. So let's dig in first observations you sign a we were on the post game show gushing about the spirits defense and their game plan which at the time you viewed as a fairly simple approach to defending the Chargers and the Chargers passing attack which had been terrific job. But you know now that you looked at the film any wrinkles you saw anything you saw that you thought. Oh, wow, that really was something well in the front seven. It was pretty simple, you know stunt schemes things like that. The back end was not sim. All this was a graduate-level course by the Patriots on how to spin the dial on a Young quarterback and what we saw from New England's defense was disguised coverages, you know, showing one sister before this Napa rotating into something else after the stab. They actually played a decent amount of quarters coverage in this game match quarters, which is you know, really called cover seven where the defense has those two deep safeties in kind of deploys them in different ways. One of the ways that I posted on Twitter recently was just cutting off across stores in the middle of the field and bracketing Hunter Henry the Chargers tight end and all of that. It was made possible in a lot of ways what they did was made possible by the fact that Stephon Gilmore can take Keenan Allen one-on-one on an island without safety help in the middle of the field and shut him down. So a lot of you know, great exotic coverage rotations really confusing Justin Herbert. They only rushed the only list and five times. So basically what you were seeing was him holding onto the football and being forced to hold onto the football game. I those posts nap coverage rotations and it just was enough of a pause in his process that they were able to get to the quarterback from there..

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