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All right. So that's the innocent man Christian. What do you think after watching that? I mean what what does anyone thing? I mean, it's just another documentary out say the one thing I think about the great TV Boone is that we have more resources for stuff like true crime documentaries stuff, like Jiang's stuff, like the keepers evil genius. And this is just showing like, yeah, there's miscarriages of Justice all the time. Like, we we have murdered innocent people who have been on death row have been wrongly convicted of crimes and the shit happens all the time. But it's this like we get another movie a little bit of entertainment from it. And that kind of is supposed to open our eyes. But we don't do anything about it. I don't know that trailer piss me off because it's like, yeah. This is one dude story. But how many times have you heard something like this, right? Yeah. It's just like the old saying that even if you have to kill a couple innocent, man, it's worth the price Justice. And I'm like fuck that. No, it's not like that's crazy to me. And so that's John Grisham John Grisham, you might always a writer. He writes a lot of like books did like. Was that the rainmaker runaway jury and stuff like that? But he couldn't write this as a fiction book because the story itself is so fucking crazy. And beyond believe that if he wrote it as fake, you you would somehow dismiss it as being too outlandish. And I think that's the thing you've heard string truth is stranger fiction. These kind of documentaries, and these kinds of Elms eliminate that, you know, so for me, I feel like I just got angry while watching it it reminded me a lot of like making a murderer and stuff like that. What did you think you're not a huge street crap guy? Yeah. I'm not. But you know, what you actually took the words out of my mouth. It has that you know, the murder south. Well, what did you say on thanking pinger murderer? Yeah. So I got of that. And you're right. This is going to be another interesting case study where I end up watching it where they're like, oh, we do this for the just of the people for the overall betterment of the people. So if a few innocent men have to suffer. It's all going to. Kind of result in this better judicial hierarchy system. Right. That like, it's it's it's always gonna be flawed. But we're gonna always iron out. And you know, when you see something like this is going to be like, no, that's not the case. And as a matter of fact, you know, they just want to cover it up because if they get exposed from it, then it shows how flawed truly our system is right about who's innocent who's guilty who quote unquote deserve to go to jail or get punished for crimes. Right. And it's gonna be interesting to see. And I think there's definitely a need and want for these types of shows documentaries. But do you walk away feeling inspired? Or do you feel or do you walk away? Getting really annoyed. Right. And that's the question. I throw back at you Christian. I don't know if there's ever going to be a happy ending with these types of things. But I think it's good to. Could've on Netflix for forgiving us. These type of things that make us think. Right. And that makes us step outside our comfort zone and. Have to face some harsh realities, very that's the thing. It's like I'm not saying that people who are lawyers people who work for prosecution in the state that they're bad people. But their job is to get convictions, not Justice. And I think that that leads to these fucking situations where people are wrongfully convicted Thomas said a chat. Thank God, the DNA forensics has become much more advanced, and I agreed because without that. I mean, do you think about this like eighty years ago, if you robbed a Bank or murdered someone and like no one saw you do it. You just got away with it like people would brag and tell them. Hey, it's Johnny boy Torres just so people knew that you robbed or killed that person. So before the IVA that they didn't like you. They would put you in jail. They convict you based on fucking here set. So yeah, you're right..

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