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Hours of the night. I mean it. Just don't know the lord. It was his idea. That's when people called in that bracket i was in it was. I would have all night bobble studies but i actually look back on if i read some one thirty four. I was actually a nightmare. Well i think that's a. There is a shelf life on night ministry and my and that shelf life for me. His past. i'd run running a college ministry for ten years. You're like those gray beginning to get below your in. i can't do. We need these people you know. I mean i. Five is liz. Those who get drunk. Get drunk at night. Most most people at night and i'm saying between midnight and five. Am there's a lot of corruption going on yorker. There's a small group of men and women who love jesus at all. I think the cutting edge of ministry. They are night ministers. They're the ones but it's the dirtiest of all ministries. I think about the you mentioned chad. Debbie i mean i'm like i don't know how i like. I do not know how they do it. They they're on call for women who in they're they're picking up women who are trapped in prostitution and they're doing some of the i mean it is a messy business but i look at When matlin my mom passed away. This is interesting store until this before on here. And i'm at the funeral and they've got i mean there's a line out the door people wanting to pay their respects and I knew most of them but one lady comes up to me and she's just weeping and she said menem. My son is saved. Because of your mom and i didn't know who she was like. Really she said oh yeah so then she starts telling me the story of mom encounter with phil and and her how influential mom wasn't and fills conversion of introducing bill smith to him and bring in bill smith in which by the way we're working on a movie about for about the first twenty eight years a a feeling case marriage which is going to be very powerful and part of this is going to be second be ready which up trying to get it from art. Pg thirteen but it's yeah it's it's going to be interesting but but she's telling that story as she said you're in so phil comes to christ or your mom partly from your mother's ministry and and and just hard for him he converts and when we say by the way he converse what we mean. Is phil introduced. Jesus tube. that's what we mean by that. He introduces jesus to chad johnson. Chad johnson rescued this woman out of prostitution and drug addiction and the night minister out on tuesday night minister and who was estranged from her side. But after going through the transformation program Her son finally after a year came to church weather and then he i think he heard maybe you speak or you one of you guys preach and then he responds to. The gospel and advocating became a christian. And she's like so. I just want you know. Of course that was of all the things that came forward it was it. Was that because the those were night ministers. Bill smith going into that bar meeting you. That's my dip at this.

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