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I guess it rains or is it I blessed the rain down in Africa. I blessed the. I love that song. You know back in the day. I had that song on a forty five forty five. It's a small record. That's right. I had it on a forty five which is a small record single. So what are you like sixty five dude? I what I just had a I had a record player, and I had record singles I was around for that. I was on the cutting edge of one records were out and started coming in guy was just right there in the cost of like, you know, buying my first Bon Jovi CD right there. Feel like we're sitting at home in front of the fire on my daddy. Daddy, please tell me a story about when you were younger. I Bon Jovi was New Jersey. I bought I was so excited for it. I loved it male bad medicine bad medicine. But yet you don't remember being on stage with the man. No, I I remember beat a giant stadium. I remember that one not that one. When you get tickets. I sat on the side of the stage there, I knew my wife. Allie your white, Trish. I don't remember. I don't remember. I'm telling you, I told you losing my memory. There's something going on with me you should have been in protocol years ago. Correct. You know, what it could have happened? You know, what I played hockey, and I want to go and tact story. But you know, I was I was very injured at a hockey game. I was I was very badly injured. And maybe that is what happened. That's good. That's a good imagine. If you didn't play hockey, you probably could have been like a billionaire. I did get hit. I get hit a lot nice hockey a lot because I'm a little guy that time now guys in case you missed any portion of this week's Elvis Duran. And the z one hundred morning show. You can always go to Elvis Duran dot com and catch up. But until you do that we will give you that Elvis Duran week review. Get you ready. Let's.

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