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Later and we've only up a little bit later. 'cause you know my girlfriend was here. She was getting ready for us and she was just Kinda here saying goodbye and we were just chatting for a while but I remember my eyes get heavy because I'm used to going to bed really early when my son goes to bed because I just go to bed when he goes to bed because I don't like being here at night by myself so I just go to sleep but it was a normal bed routine to you know what I mean. She left thought into bed you know put that up the podcast and I I know I fell asleep. I think it was border. Patrol agent episode is what I had turned on and I even sent you the proof like and I do think it'll tell you when you played when you listen to them what the hours were just a show like that's what I was listening to and then if you follow along you'll see that at one nineteen better visitations was the one that was playing Joe Yeah. I wasn't aware of it because I was sound asleep. I remember getting up at like four thirty in the morning to go to the bathroom and that's normal. I always get at some point in the middle of the night. Go to the bathroom and I'll get back in bed. The podcast always still be running but I turn them off then. I just go right back to sleep but I was fall asleep listening to them yeah. The title was the confessions of a federal officer yeah and that's when I probably saw to it and that was that it's not up to go to the bathroom. Chernoff didn't think anything of it you know and I and I woke up and my where my phone always is right there because I always keep it there because I don't like to keep it too loud and I always like my launches off in the morning. It was so weakened or not gosh and I mean when I woke up there. Were always that's always keep it like it's GonNa be pretty hard in your sleep to take it to all those those cheeto unlock this app go to this APP. Go to this APP component of tax insert. Send it now eventually right and you know I. It's funny because a that's a lot of process to go through can send in your sleep. I would I will tell you this. Maybe we'll give you a little bit secured even though I don't think this is probably this probably isn't what happened with you. I don't think you did this. When I was in college I would text my wife in my sleep deep and our texter these long bizarre text messages that just kind of ramble on about nothing and senator in the middle of the night and it was frequent for a while where I was just texting her in my sleep and didn't make any sense it'd be like I missed my dad and you know the car flipped over and you don't really remember doing eh on your own. She stay should be like why don't you text me weird messages last night what message. I look my phone. I don't remember texting you at all to do that. She he's just drunk text people and they were bad and I mean it was like I'll be like. Oh my God this isn't he thinks he goes. I know I know you're going to build out but then I remember saying to be aiming now. My trunk shrunk self is getting smarter busted the lead the text before I fall asleep that I I don't even know but yeah yeah people leave. It was my daughter. The last person in my techs laws oh she wasn't I mean she was pretty far down to so it's like it. It was yeah. It's thinking about it much because it's just so weird. It's so freaky and look on my boyfriend's face because he really doesn't get into that kind of thinking about thanks. He's real cut and dry you know black or white and he doesn't really think into things and when he he looks scared 'cause he's like what because you know the. I couldn't have done that myself. He knows nobody was here but I'm a six year old you know if I were you. I would talk to your daughter at some point. I really would and bring it up because I'm I'm just saying like there might be some clues. There had experienced. I don't know yeah maybe there's something telling you that she's next or maybe maybe she had some experiences that night that kind of that video all of a sudden made sense to her and if she told you what she experienced oh my gosh that all fits together now and you know all the paranormal thing the the the alien. UFO was the one that terrifies me. Why did that have to be either. One introduce yourself into my life and not bigfoot or something like that. I'll tell you what you're up. There in the Poconos bigfoot is up there. I I wish I would've thought the timing of a picture that my sister's FRY posed. She lives in town where I live one one winter. She's not into she doesn't she. She works for school district says she's very careful about you. Clicked on social media are making but she just said I'm just GONNA leave this picture here for Y'all Georgia so and I was like Oh my God that's a Steph watch and often I this was right after I moved moved and a lot of people say oh yeah they're up here. Better believe they're up here but I've never seen one. She took the picture yeah. I can send it to you. When we're not on the phone 'cause I can't do as we're on the phone but I'll say it to you and and the footprint she found the next that that night on her porch and the I guess like back portion even realized he goes well. They were up on my porch big giant. It's a prisoner snow on her portrait was right after we had our first huge bad snowstorm after I had moved to town and I was like Whoa it's Blackwood. Please send me those pictures out of a real clear picture but when you look at it you know can't be anything else like it's pretty obvious when you see the footprints but I don't think it's something that you put on. TV and people were like that's great evidence but you'll see you'll be like yeah. I forget what comedians Said said this but he's like maybe bigfoot just blurry and that's why we always have blurry pictures of big foot could not but it's interesting but I'm I would. I would love to spot not up close but I would love to but now the aliens have to come to mate. T's just my luck of course well listen we ramble on and on about this experience because is there's so many different and right and I would love to just kind of talk back and forth about this because I feel like the more I talked to you. The more details tells them uncovering but I don't. I don't know where we're going to go with it but I think that this is something that you and I could definitely keep in touch about because I if you have any new information and I would love to hear about it but let's move in this has had experience okay so this is you know another week or so path fits. It's this initial contact with you. Blah Blah Blah. I'm still binge listening and I was listening to an episode where you were talking about how oh you were listening to something in the car with your wife and that whatever you're listening to spark her memory that she had experienced a happened when she was little and it wasn't until mostly through the episode. I realized Oh my God me too Oh here's what it is okay so when growing up my dad is from the south and his whole family lives in Florida or Georgia and as a child we often would go down. you know to the my great grandmother had very I don't WanNa say too much because I don. I want to respect my dad's prior to his family's privacy but very They're very wealthy. You have an estate in the middle of an Orange Grove and it's an old Spanish style architecture. It's very open breezeway this that and the third huge and even when you're a little child is even much more grand than it is. my dad's family. I of course I you know we didn't have them as well as my mom didn't know them while at all 'cause we didn't see them very often and they're a little more stuffy not very or and so it was Christmas. I think I was three years old. Three we go was almost four so it was Christmas and we spent Christmas in Florida instead of at home because we went on a cruise some Caribbean cruise for Christmas but we we spend a almost like the whole Christmas break in Florida at the family estate. My Grandmother's and I remember it was an an good evening where it was just my myself my sister who's a little older than me and my mother my dad my grandmother his but the rest of the family had gone out some dinner or something everybody was out of the House and it was just the three of us in the house and like they're made and like I said there's a lot of hallways breezeway all through the outside and it just happened like amazed to a little three year old. I remember that we were in the guest room and my mom is wrapping Christmas presents. She was actually teaching teaching myself. My sister and I had a presence properly and I got bored so I kinda started wandering right out into the hallway. I feel like I was on some type of like little scooter or something they you must have had like a little toy thing that I was playing on. Can I remember going out of the door and looking to my last. John was pretty long hallway and at the end of the hallway. I see a very very tall man now. All of my all depends are extremely tall so that wasn't even odd to me because my dad was six four. I'm five nine nine his brother's six four. You know very tall people at but it was so it was dark was evening in fact. I think my mom was watching the Carol Burnett show if I recall correctly so it's dark but there's a lot still light in the hallway little bit luminated from you know different lights in rooms that you know but I see a very very very tell me about the thing was I noticed that he was dressed.

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