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In some areas. It's even worse than that. Where you can't even see lanes or the dividing lines lane. Changing that's going to be any good. That's going to be very very tricky. Because of the road conditions. We have just a whole list of accidents out there and getting more as more people are on the road. But if you don't have to go out really just don't go out if you do you're going to have to give yourself an awful lot of time, and you are going to have to slow down. There is no way that you will be able to do posted speeds with other people in the roadway. You just have to slow down and be courteous and make sure your headlights, you're working and make sure you have washer fluid and make sure you have patients reporting live. I mardi buffer Alenia w w j NewsRadio nine fifty and cruiser out clearing roadways as the snow begins to pile up Craig Bryson with the road commission for Oakland County, speaking live on W w j this morning. A few roads are little bit more snow covered. Certainly the the less traveled. Rose, we haven't focused on yet. So they will be a little bit snow covered. But of course, even dusting can can cause soupy roads at this point. It's it's definitely salt time. We're trying to get a good layer assault down. Now before the temperatures dropped much more as well. As leading off what's already. She spokesman Bryson says most of the heavier snows expected early this afternoon. Stay tuned w w j for the latest getting some tips from the Michigan state police they'd like everybody to brush all the snow off their car. Not just the back window of the front window, and drives slowly and carefully. And even if you have a truck rush UV, plus make sure your car has an emergency kit. Also dress for the weather in case, you get stuck or get involved in a crash. Steer clear of the snowplows is they do their work. And if you're shoveling your driveway take your time, it's not a race last, but not least help out others. It will help keep you warm inside two men are dead after their snowmobiles collided on the upper peninsulas lake go, Gabe. The head on crash happened Friday night about five hundred feet from the shore officials say twenty three year old man from riverton, Illinois and a fifty three year old man from Darwin. Minnesota were killed in the accident. First responders performed CPR on both victims, but they could not be revived. And both died at the scene. Police say speed and alcohol are not believed to have been factors in the crash hottest Carson technology are.

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