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So one of the things we were gonna talk about and speedy hit this to talking about the the the truth can be found if you're willing to just kind of look at it. And it's hard to do that now with all the hyperbole and exaggerations and propaganda and everything out there. This hope Colin Kaepernick our argument now is attorney is slamming maroon five for the Super Bowl performance as a cop out. But I, but I have to tell all of you that thank the NFL is being mean to Colin Kaepernick solely because he started the kneeling campaign last year. The reason why that doesn't hold up and speedy was spot on when he said this marchant marshawn Lynch is not stood for national anthem. And I don't know when I don't even think he was. Outstanding long before cap got on all this. He didn't stand this year. Right. And and never have. And he was out on the field as a fondness for the man of the year award for Walter Payton to Walter Payton man of the year. So if marshawn Lynch is playing and doesn't stand for the national anthem and even was put into is one of the thirty two finalists for the Walter Payton man to the included him in their commercial the one hundred years. Here's the one that reaching for the. So the reason why Colin Kaepernick doesn't has have a job is it may be partially because he's a PR struggle. But people are willing to go through the PR struggle. If you're good enough to get the job done. The main reason Colin Kaepernick doesn't have a job is the NFL teams. Don't think he's good enough to have won. If they thought he was good enough at this at this stage of his career. He would have won because other players who haven't stood still are plate. And they still have gigs. So really, I gotta tell you. That's the end of that argument. Let's let's flip this around the other way. Let's look at it. One hundred ninety degrees. The other way. Tim tebow is not quarterbacking in the NFL one. Because is it because of the circus? It comes with him. The fact they don't have to deal with him being outspoken Christian. Or is it just he's not good enough to make the throws required in the NFL. I think it's the latter. And I'll tell you an example, I read it today. Matthew Slater who who plays for the patriots? Jackie Slater, son. Who his dad was awesome? I saw the things he was saying last year in the press conferences, they go to him in the press conference last year. And I didn't see that. I saw it in the story that was out this year. You know, what he says about the eagles? He starts talking about his brothers in Christ over there that are really bold about their faith on the eagles. And how proud he is of the way they use that. Instead that being an NFL isn't the biggest thing that's ever happened in his life. Shoot. It'd be for anyone you getting right with Jesus Christ is the biggest decision most important thing you'll ever do. And I call heads every time because Jesus prices the Lord of my life, and I'm what knowledge him by calling because that's what my dad always did. So if it was about being a devout Christian and talking about your faith in interviews that keeps Tim tebow out of the league. Then then Matthew Slater wouldn't be in the league. Matthew Slater starting because he's good enough to play it. Comedown the coaches in the front office. They actually evaluate players and decide who they can use in who the can't use. Now does some of them come with more baggage than others? Sure. That means you gotta be even better. But it comes on both sides of the spectrum. So it may it's possible. We we have to accept it is eight just a slot possibility that capper Nick is not good enough now to to quarterback any of these teams. Remember he was based when he was playing he could be a backup. Probably I'll give you that argument. These people that are doing this screaming boycott, not only his behalf are killing any chance. He ever has. Because this asinine is a backup. Well, that's not going to be good enough. They're gonna start the same boycott start screaming that I must start him at some point you do and he's not good enough to go with that. In the thing. I can say a little bit of that too. I know, but but he's also a superstar regardless as part of it. He's Tim tebow the trophy winner, and he's gonna draw tangible. Are you gonna play Tom are you gonna do this? And he's not good enough to overcome that. I think it's the same type of deal. But these people that are screaming boycott are killing any chance you'll ever have to be in the league is a backup is he's good enough to be a backup the NFL. Tim tebow may be too. But I'm just saying they're not good enough to overcome the hype becomes the point though, but it isn't solely because they're controversial controversy. Plus, you're not good at to be worth the controversy. They would they would put up with marshawn Lynch doesn't have a group. It cries wins marshawn going into the game and gets out there and get some social media. So so what you're talking about? When you go to Collin cabinet, you bring with him, his mom and to some degree if you go to Tim tebow. You bring him his. Yeah. And so people say, well, if I'm going to have to deal with the mob about when I'm on play him when I'm gonna put them in. They have to be so good that I play mini exact. And so if they're not then then the combination of them not quite being good enough to be worth the mob and the mob together makes them an undesirable choices in. Here's the thing too. It's not solely their their protests. Are the things I don't think the NFL owners collude on things like that. I just think they have a similar spirit in that. They wanna win and Ida Walker baggage. That's right. No doubt. So here, I'm dating all get together and huddled go less freeze out camp unless freeze out Tibo list. Say let's say let's say that. Let's let's say that let's say four years ago five years ago. After he's already got a fee ring, some says, well, you know, now we get Tom Brady. You know, he's not going to stand for the national anthem or we get Tom Brady. He's gonna talk about Jesus. All tom. There's gonna people trying to cover every practice and somebody that you think he's worth say, absolutely. Let's get let's get. Let's get that deal done. You may Tom Brady's gonna be our quarterback. They they have all the protests. They won't do because he's gonna play a game. It ain't gonna matter. So they're going to be happy. And then of course, you not opening we upset with the city meals and all that. But you know, once we put on him to the Super Bowl ring. We're going to get over that. What what do you think about you always want to know about Jesus every press conference? He wants to. But then when you go to players that they go they're going to be here in they're probably not gonna play and we're constantly. It'll be hounded about why they're not playing. Then you have cameras in their face with my backup. He's getting more attention than and then you go back. It's not worth it. No. And that's the problem. And that's the problem because if you think these people if you sign Colin Kaepernick is your backup right now. And you think these people are going to be quiet if he doesn't start at let your started have you are you are racist. Somehow, I don't know how is the top ten players in the league are all African American. But but you're a racist for not not signed. And then when you sign him because all he really is good enough to be a backup. And then you become a racist. Because you won't let him be the starter. He's only a backup. You can't win with you can't. And so the mob the mob as you said, Greg. They're hurting Colin Kaepernick more than their help. Oh, yeah. Because you're never gonna be happy. You know, when you when you meet out to the mob, and they eat it all starts screaming. That's still not enough. You're like, well, if I if I can satisfy your appetite, and we're just not going to be nice situation. Right. And these these top players are just like we say to women all time, you better be more pretty than you are. And if you're not gonna win football games big guaranteed starter. And you bring controversy. You're not worth it. Your phone calls, and how you saw the things that will respond to that to next Super Bowl recap at eight six six we be big or rickandbubba coming up next. Rick and Bubba, Rick and Bubba. Oh. Today. Business happens here fear and virtually anywhere because today innovative companies are reinventing the way business happens, and.

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