Sergei Magnitsky, Washington, Putin discussed on Weekend Edition Saturday


Most likely person to be fired next by donald trump at this point he seems to be cooperating and giving both house republicans and the white house republicans everything they want and ron elving thanks so much maybe maxine bodine was depressed in ways as friends just didn't recognize threw himself office fifth floor balcony this week and your kettering berg russia maxine berardino was thirty two and a reporter for the local novy den website where he'd done tough stories about crime and political corruption including have gainey priggen the oligarch and guided by the united states for running the troll factory that help russia try to influence the two thousand sixteen you wish presidential election axiom borodino wasn't just reporting on the latest craze in spa treatments reporters for the website say there were no signs of a struggle in his apartment but he'd been previously threatened for his stories and paulina room got seven his editor told cnn has maxime had big plans for his personal life and career there is nothing to support a verdict of suicide journalism is a dangerous trade in russia at least thirty five russian journalists have been murdered since two thousand according to the committee to protect journalists and the glasnost defense foundation they weren't covering shooting wars or riots but powerful russian institutions a surprising number of implausibly fallen or slipped to their debts in march two thousand seven ivan sovereign off who is investigating the sale of russian arms to iran and syria died after falling from a fifth floor window it was ruled a suicide in november two thousand nine the independent broadcaster olga could've sky fell to her death from fourteenth floor window she'd been battling for control of restriction with a member of the government her death also ruled a suicide february two thousand twelve victor upon a cinco editor of a newspaper that had been investigating paramilitary rage in southern russia died after slipping in his home november twenty fifteen mikhail lesin often described as president putin state medias are but had fallen out of favor with him was found dead after a fall in his hotel room in washington dc see the fbi says he fell from extreme drinking and blunt force trauma to the head injuries to his neck arms legs and torso that must have been some fall march two thousand seventeen nikola gorenkov the lawyer for sergei magnitsky who was the.

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