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News time. 12 06. The Trump Administration is named Seattle and anarchist jurisdiction New York City in Portland, also named in a Justice Spartan department list of cities that have disempowered or defunded police during months of protests and demonstrations. More from Como's Carleen Johnson Well, this short list comes as a result of President Trump earlier this month, calling on his administration to review federal funding for cities that have in his words permitted violence and destruction and refused to take action to stop criminal activity wholeheartedly reject this Seattle City Council member Theresa Mosqueda during a council briefing this morning. Said city leaders will stand united against the administration's attempts to take funding aways is really a conversation about what we need to do as a country, promote public safety and to evaluate policing as we know it. Another criteria for ending up on the list, DOJ said, was unreasonably refusing to accept offers of law enforcement assistance. From the federal government. Carleen Johnson Coma news King County Sheriff's detectives are investigating an officer involved shooting in Redmond that left one woman dead. Andrea Wolf Buck with Redman Police says the woman shot by police had initially called 911 for help call is from a woman claiming that someone was trying to kill her in her apartment. When officers entered the apartment on 161st Avenue northeast, the 39 year old woman confronted them with a handgun. At least one officer opened fire, killing the woman. It's not clear if the woman fired her gun. No officers were injured. A man was shot last night at 23rd and Dearborn in Seattle. Police are looking for the shooter. The victim has non life threatening injuries. And it was a violent night as a man was recovering after being shot in downtown near the courthouse had happened at third. And, yes, Lor Seattle Fire treated the 39 year old man. He's in stable condition at Harborview Police are looking for the shooter in that case is well. And in federal way, another man was sent to Harborview being treated for life threatening gunshot wounds to the chest. That shooting happened on Pacific Highway in federal way. Police believe he was shot near an apartment building and fled on foot to the park and ride. No word yet on that shooter. Political candidates have the right to keep their personal information private. The question has quietly become a campaign issue. In one local county comas. Corwin Haig has more. Thurston County commissioner Gary Edwards requested the Social Security number for Carolina Mahia, a county employee who's running for a seat on the commission. In response, another commissioner, time answer. Demanded the commission examine its rules to see if they have a policy against requests for sensitive information. If we do, I would like that policy to be reviewed with the board so that we're all crystal clear about it, and if we don't I'd like to make a motion that we develop in appropriate policy. Edwards critics claim He's trying to have me a declared ineligible for a commission seat by proving she is not a U. S. Citizen, Mahia tells the Olympian. She is a naturalized citizen. She says she's disappointed Edwards would seek your Social Security number. Corwin Hey HQ Co. Moh news Over the weekend, our state added another 948 covert 19 positive cases, pushing Washington's tally to over 82,000. Also over the weekend, the health Department says new cases the virus of Platt Toad in eastern Washington. And have actually gone down in western Washington. Soto was a ghost town during the Seahawks game because the fans were kept back by covert 19 protocols. Most Cara cost image has more the absence of those thousands of loud and proud 12, possibly providing a leg up to visiting teams.

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