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Three o'clock is rob Brooks, my old buddy who used to produce me about a decade or so ago, but he's here. Now, he just came off shift with Dan Rae. And we liked him so much doing, Dan ratio. Let again do sixty percent of my show and my guest here. A lost forty five berry, Scott, you wanna call in talk music would bury. I welcome you to do. So Tyrone your next. Welcome aboard. Good evening Morgan evening, Tyrone. Does that mean rob Brooks get sixty percent more pay? I don't know. I don't know how it works out. Well, anyway, I have a music question for your guest here. No, I'm not saying because this is what my mom thinks. I also agree with us. And we both feel that the greatest thing of all time. And I know you don't like Morgan, but we both feel the greatest singer of all time hands down as angle Engelbert. I'm looking to angle bird's not that I don't like him. But I like, so many others more than Engelbert. We don't feel. Anybody comes close because I bird is not lost his voice, his voice as always like he's singing an amphitheater when he's not in Anapa, Peter and sports just carries. So far, we just feel he's he's just the best. What is your opinion about that? Well, he's angle Humperdinck just love saying his name all the time. Well, you can just leave off the last name. We don't need to say that. Engelbert. Now, you know. And Tom Jones and Gilbert O'Sullivan all had the same manager at one point. And I love all three of them. So do you feel he could possibly be? But the greatest singer of all time because when he was on the Dean Martin show, even being Martin said Engelbert, he said he said say I think you'd better than for no Frank Sinatra if anyone were to get that title bestowed upon them, it will be Frank Sinatra and Frank Sinatra sings rings around Engelbert. Well, I'm going to respectfully disagree with the Amore again. But that's I don't wanna become enemies now. I just want to respectfully disagree. No problem. There's no way we become enemies. I want to ask your guest if you knows anything about the about the size of a singer from years and years ago that that went by the name of Wayne Cochran. Oh, yeah. And I'm I'm very he asked do. So I'll stay out of it. About how he died. Well, I mean the demise of him. You know, I mean, he was it was in the picture for a while there with CeCe writer, you know, and and maybe a few other songs, and then he'd just like went by the wayside. You know, anything about that? Well, I I know he made. Most likely his estate made the most money for writing last kiss, which was a hit quite a few times Pearl Jam. Did it more recently? But yeah, I think I you know, I think he did. Okay. For himself. Colorful, looking character looked a lot like like, Charlie rich. They looked a lot like, Charlie rich. They would've made a great tag team Morgan. Okay. He had a pump door. I remember that. Why is he on your mind? Well, because I like them, and I always heard I always heard that he was. He was an attempt by by Jackie Gleason, an attempt to turn out like another Elvis, but didn't quite go that way. Okay. And you heard that Mary I had not Jackie Gleason was the one that that created him and from his show and. Yeah. Keep I had never heard of anything about his demise. Though. They did equip the business or did he lose his voice, or you know, I thought he became a preacher or a minister if I remember correctly. So I don't know when that happened, but he died two years ago. And I recall longer than I thought I recall the same thing he went into religion. Really? Yeah. You know, I I'm not against religion. But I just hate when they do that. All right time room. I've got full lines. So let me wave goodbye you bring the next one in. Okay, mortgage have a happy. I hope you get really giant Easter basket at your door. Well, thank you. I hope so too. You take you, Tyrone. Jerry woman. Hey is this April Fools? 'cause you know, I thought you said you're gonna have a very Scott on 'cause I feel like talking to Dana Carvey. Why? Okay. That was like you sound like danika. Yeah. Barry. Really that's carries attempted humor. No matter. Okay. Lots of serious. How many added to the decade? Should I say a big fan of have you met physically or all of us over the phone? Oh, no. Let's see. I've done. Let's let's see this week. I did an interview number nine sixty six so we're closing in on a thousand. And I'd say about thirty thirty five percent of them were done on the phone. The rest were done in person. So I've met quite a few very which woman. Did you interview who is married or single even if you're married the one you absolutely fell in love with when you said, oh my God. Well, I mean, which which interviewed I I love the most. I mean, I I enjoyed talking to so many of them. But you know, obviously, Dolly Parton is fun talking to as you would think she is perfectly herself. And I think we laughed most of the interview and a share with tons of fun. Every time I spoke to her. Unfortunately, I had to edit her many ties because she certainly had a mouse. Regards. Yes. Yes. Words I had to edit her. But in most of them were fun. Okay. One of the fastest history of Chile and twenty seconds give it is Hano twitch girl. Now, I'm an AT kiss three to kinda guy at fifty six years of age. I'm sure many or the same age group. Give a check. Yes. Yes. I feel as though because I'm a very romantic idea down. 'cause I wanna say something about Barry mail on a second is Bobby visits there. I again, I think it's a greatest romantic quick two minute twenty six two minute. Twenty seconds on do you agree? Well, there I said it again was a remake of an old record for Bobby at the time. Anyway, so I don't know what most romantic record. What do you think Morgan, Jerry? When you give an absolute like, the most whatever you're always going to open yourself up for contradictions and. One of my favorite. Love songs isn't necessarily like hold your heart and grab a Hanky and cry. I like, Jack Jones wives and lovers. That's a love song. I like. Oh to Billie Jo Bobbie, gentry. So my taste would love songs necessarily wouldn't be. Stop the name of love by the Supremes, or well, I'll give you because it might top five favorite songs of all time. One of them is temptations. Just my magic nation. That's a love song. Well, last question, I'll take it off the Barry the other thing I would like is more about after which is your cruises. When it's going to be in Boston again because I've never met you physically. But one day, I'm gonna get a big thrill. Hopefully, you'll get the same role to the last question saying he is okay track. Sach list of was the best. He owns it. We know that. But Barry, only you can agree with me. Barry Manilow wrote his songs he composed the song with twenty four twenty five top forty hits of the seventies back up. Barry, I love you. All right. So I'll I'll correct you just a little bit. I love Barry Manilow to he's a great performer. He wrote a lot of his songs, but he didn't write a majority of them. He did not write. I write the songs, for instance. But I certainly seen them in concert. I've met him at great guy. And I think his library music. Certainly speaks for itself. All right. I've got another break to take left break of the hour. And by the way, phone traffic. Thank you for that. Hopefully, we'll keep it going through the rest of this hour into the next hour. Ralph up in Maine and Ken in Berkeley, you'll be on deck as soon as we take this break. Got it. Good time and temperature here at WBZ twelve forty five and Phillips sixty six degrees.

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