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Then I'm like, wait a minute, the numbers scrolls across the screen of he the day. If you watched the Youtube you to anyway follow Wade's world on facebook twitter instagram follow link find links to all of our social media like I said, the Youtube Channel Aca Subscribe Guess Mash, the Button wing Patriot on all things star trek links tumor. Links to. It my friends. That's right. If you're Handy Dandy Lunatics Travel Mug anyway find everything all in one place. That's link Tree L. A. N. K. T. R. DOT ee slash keeps in lunatics. And remember support our sponsors tweak to audio. tweak audio headsets. Hunter Killer Michelle great need your help. We need recording raid doing his his intro we need twenty Carleen in the plugs. Absolutely just automate this baby. Come on go wait twenty automation. People out of jobs anyway. So. Yes. Use The code southgate for both of those bringing dany discount. Then go pick up pod life the poke volume one now and digital paperback I can pick that up on Amazon and when you do when you pick that up and you know you're getting more on, Amazon use the link for Southgate Media Group right down there in the show notes hopeless support this madness this show the southgate media group network and that questioning Zombie himself rob master him Hey, everyone. Sorry. If you're watching the video had.

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