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You made it weird with the homes. Look what's happening Weirdos. This is Robin Henderson. Espinosa Robin is a theologian and ethicist based in Nashville Tennessee. This is one of my favorite conversations of all time. This is absolutely one of my favorite episodes of all time. I can't wait for you to hear it. I WANNA say up top that There's some chap up top. I know you know that I love the any Graham. The ANAGRAM is Is Basically very very old personality analysis if you get to that part and we start talking about who's a five and who's a three in who seven And you're bored or don't know what we're talking about please know that it only lasts Maybe thirty seconds to a minute please. Don't turn it off. We get so good so deep and so beautiful and I would really hate for you to jump ship. I just remember making a mental note to mention that so here I am mentioning it A couple of things to mention up top first and foremost. I hope everybody is healthy and safe. I know this is a stressful time. I hope This episode and the show in general gives you a little bit of relief From that I know it is for me I do. You WanNa give a shout out to the Pete's picks as you guys know. I don't do traditional and the way we support. The show is by my promoting things that I actually use an actually love. The first piece pick is Kochava. You guys know this if you listened before. Catava is a plant based superfood drink mix. It's basically just a bag of chocolate. Good powder that you throw in with some water you throw in with some almond milk. Whatever you want get crazy and it overloads your system with unbelievable superfood nutrition and keeps you full for hours at which is completely true by the way you can have one in the morning and you'll find yourself not hungry for four or five hours. It's unbelievable I didn't even know that's what people were using it for. I am just into the way it makes me feel it gives me a nutrition overload. I talked with Zach. Braff a little bit about this an episode. I find that giving my sells the nutrients they need helps me in just virtually every way physical energy emotional energy and Catava is a hundred percent plant based for people that are curious about getting more plants in their diet. It's got Omega threes which we all know important but from Chia seeds and flax seeds not as I always say an anonymous barrel of miscellaneous fish that they press from the top and get some go out. It's from plants. Eight super fruits are in the bag. Seventeen Greens and veggies In Quarantine. I'm having a really hard time getting Greens and veggies. Or I would be if I wasn't taking my catava every day. Wonderful Way to get it in there. It's like a life hack seventeen. Greens and veggies in the bag. Gluten Free Soy free. There's no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. But it's delicious because they use coconut nectar which is a low glycemic sweetener so it has some sweetness very very delicious very very tasty mixes with the Rock Cowan there which is wonderful superfood to give it a Chocolate the sweet or vanilla. Sweet if you nasty They I swear you'll enjoy. I always joke. That val doesn't like a lot of the weird superfoods that I have. But she does enjoy could travel when I make it for her. There's a thousand milligrams of adapt degen's in twenty four grams of plant based protein. There's your answer for where. Vegans get their protein or people that just like getting plants in their body. Twenty four grams of protein in a liquid forum getting into yourselves quickly and easily nine grams of fiber. Actually delicious. Can't stress this enough. The Rock Akao the maca root which is wonderful for energy and vitality obviously cacao as a wonderful mood elevator. This isn't like over the counter. You know Hershey Bar junk chocolate. This is real as a NUTCA- cows a nut we are getting a cow nut. I seriously could not It's a wonderful mood elevator. It's wonderful source of magnesium and hard to find nutrients. The whole bag is a source of hard to find nutrients that are gonNA make you feel incredible meal and a pill meal replacement smoothie and three seconds just put in water. Shake it up and you're good to go. I swear by it. I'm always turning friends onto it and if you want to support this show and do your body a favor. Go to Catava Cadavre K. A. C. H. A. V. A. dot com slash weird. And if you go to that landing page you'll get twenty percent off and show your support of this podcast. Thank you to our friends at Catava. Speaking of superfoods we have a new. Or It's been a couple of weeks now but a new Pete's pick here my friend. David just turned me onto the health benefits of a superfood known as Nonni and I have been drinking and enjoying to Heeschen nonni juice to heat. Noungu as I like to call it. Nonni is a tation super fruit known for its medicinal properties. It's been used for thousands of years as an ancient health remedy and it turns out that. Ancient Wisdom is scientifically proven. It's been shown to boost immune activity and naturally enhanced enhanced energy and support overall wellness. I I was a little bit skeptical I looked into it Four ounces twice a day. They have peer reviewed. Clinical Double Blind Studies That they did with a placebo and it showed that four ounces. Twice a day increases your N. K. Your natural killer cells which are the cells that help your immune system stay powerful increases your account of n que cells. There's brody by thirty. Thank you brody by. He's a big Fan. I don't know if you can even hear that. I'm stopping because the dog is barking. Increases N que cells by thirty percent. So I've been I just had the bottle in my Refrigerator door take it out. Jagged FOUR OUNCES. Twice a day thirty percent more ammunition to fight off infection disease. Whatever it may be keep your immune system healthy and powerful It's basically tastes like pomegranate juice is what I think it tastes like. It's a mix of Nonni and blueberry both super fruits two hundred and seventy-five nutrients and fighter nutrients key vitamins minerals and antioxidants It's Vegan obviously. It's gluten free it's non. Gmo naturally enhances energy overall wellness. And as I mentioned increases your n que cells by thirty percent. Which is incredible. I've been taking it now for three weeks. I will say that I look forward to it. I find it to be energy boosting and I can't speak to. I can't feel my an K. cells but I trust the science. So if you WANNA TRY IT. They are offering a special deal to the listeners of this podcast. A one liter bottle of to heat no Jew. He should nonni Jews and they're Correlating supplement called cell defense. Which is clinically shown to help your body fight inflammation inflammation of course being the correspondent trouble with so many things. That's how I explain it. I'm no scientist inflammation bad. It's usually a one hundred dollars..

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