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That's absolute bullshit because let's listen patrick via i'm sorry says fabric gas scored a penalty in the champions league final with a broken leg davidge silva this past year this injury and other injury people people have different injuries that people were killed fabrica scored with a broken broken leg you can't even fucking walk sess did and he scored a fucking penalty then 'cause there is if you have a broken leg ida broken hand and i couldn't even fuck in do anything if you have a broken cass core champions league gold says did and you know what look it up lebron james hand and lebron james hand is a juice it's a fucking excuse bullshit you can't judge a player based on their injury 'cause you're not that player people really that's exactly what the media's doing just like he's the bravest player ever and look david silva who i'm not a fan of his this is actually deep his son was born prematurely he had to travel back and forth from spain to england during the latter half a manchester city's recordbreaking title when from january to may and you want to say mohammed salah is the brave is claire get the fuck out of here with that shit they're probably exaggerating there's putting contacts the fucking websites what they do is they want click exactly exactly that's my point that's my point like y'all not does media has hype muhammed's law up to this level that he really is not at is a great individual player ten he's a top ten player this year not altogether yes saying we're we're talking about the president we're talking about right now let me let me just finish this okay the media has put all this fucking back lades on muhammad's law he's the giant beater he's just as good as name are just as good as rinaldo as messy and the fact of the matter is he had a phenomenal individual season he's not the bravest player ever he had a great one season if he can do the shit again fucking hell yes because he's going to be starting to challenge name our for that third spot harry kane for that third spart kevin dubrow for that third spot whoever whoever you think whoever you beatable but he's not going to drag egypt through there was no chance from the getgo for him to drag egypt through yes russia has played out of their mind and they got lucky but if egypt did go through to the knockout phases they get knocked out by any single other team in the competition that is my opinion i don't think that the media did mohammed salah any favors i think they hyped him way the.

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