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From the st louis union station hotel master of ceremonies john rooney please walkup tony larussa david exe dine adam wainwright and chris carpenter as they talk it over with cable exports director tom ackerman thank you sure absolute whatever you want to driver mike metheny come on up tony larussa wants you up mike materialize a german tony thank you for that and gentleman have a seat in the dewitt era as we call it which continues today think about this nine division titles four national league pennants and two world championships how's that for success in two thousand two in particular we lost jack bark and we lost darryl kile you talk about tied for first of all the things you've done your career it's the greatest managing job in two thousand two for manager tony larussa that club well it's it's there's more to disagree with the host but i won't say you're wrong uh to doubt actually i just told abc into and out of ninety six was hardest your earth in uniform because we had to go through so much to finally get in there but two thousand two of the most difficult and the way we got through it was because of the individuals on his team the team leadership acknowledged our laws fruit for daryll and recognize that we still had to play the season dedicated our season to jack into uh enter darrow so the coaching seventy i was part of the team i think we all intuitively it really makes me uncomfortable because it was really all of us pulling together and honoring the geysers have we had that had died and the organization that we were playing for mike you're a player on their team in the the group was incredibly close weren't they it was in tony in it on the head with the the leadership his leadership comes from from the skipper and there was no doubt from the beginning of that how we were going to try and somehow redirect our thoughts to baseball when it didn't seem that important but unfortunately we had a tie group at the time that did believe in each other we believe in the leadership we had an with guys like pat hank in the leadership darrell brought we're still seeing the just the.

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