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Live and they will be like the best soldiers. Yeah. Well, I have to wonder off. Also, if a loved the depictions kind of go towards both militarization and capitalization of Mars like in in science fiction because it costs so much money to go to space in our understanding of, you know, space exploration and our current physical ability to go there. You know, I have to wonder, you know, if a lot of times it's depicted as either a military zone or a capitalist zone because of all the money. It takes to go there. And if it's kind of just doomed to forever sort of live in these dystopia as I mean, maybe so it's it's funny. Because of course, you know, capitalism in the military kind of go together, especially when you're in kind of the early stages of occupying a space, and I always think about I I guess we're talking about aids tropes a little bit here. But total recall the original total recall where there. On Mars, and it is it's it isn't really a military. Just hopi. It's a capitalist dystopia, and there's certain people who can't afford air and who can't afford, and we see this expanse to like in the Beltre's who can't afford gravity, and it's this idea that yet, it's a harsh environment. Maybe it will produce super soldiers or maybe it will produce incredibly vulnerable populations who are kind of starving and and starving for things that we don't start for on earth. You know, like water and an oxygen although water we're gonna start needing to. We're starting to become Mars. Maybe. Yeah. I mean, so I guess a question I have is in your personal views, if if you Topi as and an even a slightly less than utopias like democracies are kind of just not things that seemingly will work when we think about the expansion of humans across the solar system are in in some science fiction the galaxy and you know, people being distributed and especially. In in the expanse. We see them distributed not only by distance. But obviously by gravity wells and Beltre's not being able to come back to earth without it being incredibly painful and things of that nature. You know, I is it something where it's actually kind of difficult to write about or think about Topi is or democracies when thinking about these sorts of physical limitations that space provides. Well, I think you know, there's people are always saying science fiction is written for our time. And I think that when you're talking about space politics, you can either go with that that like, okay? This is all a comment about what's going on now or you can kind of take the tack of. All right. Let's have a thought experiment about what really can be going on. And I think for most of history. It has been the former of like, okay, what's our concern or concern is the Vietnam war. So we're going to talk about you know, colonization we're gonna talk about the effects of on the psychology of the soldiers or. Is it the rampant capitalism? Okay. That's what we're going to be concerned with. And you know, I mean once you kind of realize that that is maybe what is going on it kind of puts perspective on things. I think a lot of the times people aren't always super concerned with what do we think actually is going to be the kinds of things that were considering I think the expanse may be a bit more than others because it is like very near future. It doesn't necessarily have like a strong ideological bent of like, okay, we're going to you know. Show the dangers of fascism or the dangers of capitalism or the dangers of communism or anything like that. And so that kind of allows you to tangle with those issues of okay, like, what are the resources that are important, and what would society be like? And you know, I don't want to give a plug for the show that I'm working on. But I think that do a pretty good job thinking about that. Yeah. Well, let's talk about things that are your personal favorite depictions or or things that get into some media areas that you've personally enjoyed you know, what are some depictions, you know, across books TV movie, you know, what what have you that? I just kind of delight you in terms of what they depict about space politics..

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