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Anyway, he kind of intimated that the new OBI wan kanobi film going to be filmed in Ireland. So he says, I'm along the effects here we go. What was the biggest grossing movie last year Star Wars? And where does George Lucas proposed to make a follow up about OBI wan kanobi Northern Ireland? Okay. We've already had you immigration kind of say, no, that's not gonna happen. And I'm not sure after the whole solo debacle where the didn't make as much as they thought they were going to than they kind of canceled all the and Cillari movies are not cancelled with put him on hold indefinitely. Maybe borsch Johnson. Just doesn't know what's going on. Currently. I'm sure that that one point it was slated to film in Northern Ireland. But you know, they're pulling back the reins on a lot of the Star Wars stuff. Now, they don't want to over saturate. I'm not saying we won't get a we won't kanobi story. I would be happy to watch that solo was a good movie. I don't care what anybody says. It was good. Critics were wrong. Go watch it. So. Yeah. We may or may not get nobody one movie the Northern Ireland Boris Johnson seems to think so, but you know. Politicians have been wrong on more than one occasion. But one thing we do know is the next one episode nine is going to be coming out next year December twentieth. Two thousand nineteen Mark your calendar. Episode nine into the third trilogy. Will they start another trilogy? I don't know. I haven't heard anything I kind of think maybe they should leave the trilogy's alone and just start doing these standalone movies. You know? I think OBI wan standalone after his trilogies done will be great. I would love to see more backstory on law. These other characters may be some of the more unsung characters. Hey, how about a boss how about an eighty eight any of those other cool characters who were just kind of just under the radar people know about them, but not everybody. There's an idea for Disney. I just made you some money follow my ideas, you can Email me for more ideas. Anyway. Probably won't see you'll McGregor. Obi wan kanobi? I'm betting against that. I'm saying Bush Johnson's probably full of it. And we won't see anything until after the trilogy the third show jeans. Okay. If you don't know who Thanos is by now, you live under a rock the adventures of entity war and him making cameos and all the movies leading up to that. You gotta know Thanos says man, they did such a good media blitz with him. So well that they have discovered a new dinosaur in Brazil, and they have named it after..

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