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NewsRadio has seventy this morning's Thousand Oaks sixty six on Twitter right now it is seventy, five degrees six forty six ad KNX guy that we're looking for now in custody in connection to these shootings one was in Gardena and then. This body was found in Lynnwood you might recall the story. We were talking. About it. Tuesday morning couple of days ago pregnant. Woman said to be The gunman's girlfriend. Was wounded in that incident villa Gle immigrants being held at a. Prison Invicta Bill of sued. The Trump administration they claim they're cutting worse treatment than the. Convicted criminals at that facility That I All of media move out. Of that Elizabeth Jordan is an attorney with the civil rights education and, enforcement center which along with the, ACLU filed the suit alleging immigrant detainees are facing inhumane and unconstitutional conditions detainees say they're, going hungry, locked up much of the time and unable to freely exercise their religious beliefs and ice spokeswoman is not commenting on the, pending litigation the, numbers fluctuate but there are several hundred ice detainees being held. At victorville Jordan says it's far more than any other prison in. The country a separate lawsuit was filed earlier to get detainees, at victorville access to legal aid cloudy tau KNX ten seventy, NewsRadio, six forty eight KNX Trump administration has proposed rolling back, Obama era gas, mileage requirements set stake effects after. Twenty twenty the administration also filed notice to revoke the authority of California and other states to set their own stricter meyler mileage standards that would be independent of. The feds the proposal freezes an effort intended to promote auto, fuel efficiency and Tailpipe. Emissions of climate changing pollutants over the last several years when. People lost their jobs they became part of what was known as the, gig economy and now we have, a list of the ten best jobs and the gig economy including accountant carpenter plumber web, developer career, cast says these jobs have something in common specialization skill set that's required for these jobs and it's the fact that you, can use that, skill set to basically pop in and out of organizations that. Need that sort of all ages one time basis other jobs in. The study apparently do pretty well marketing manager NPR specialist four, beads now dealing with motorized scooter is officials say fifty of, them, just showed up on Balboa island recently they say they, weren't contacted by, bird ahead of time they're not. Really happy about that said he has been working they say with another company for a scooter deal when the bird scooters just showed up and again it's not. Just Newport that's been dealing with this issue we've talked about, this Santa Monica West Hollywood Beverly Hills and Los Angeles now. Looking to possibly bam Scooter problem not a suffer go tackle to about one. Hundred and twenty thousand voters being left off the, rosters at some polling places during the, June primary here in LA county officials say an independent review found. The glitch, apparently determined. Those particular voters were just too young to cast ballots. Of, course it weren't the audit recommended that the county update the software three. Well the Catholic church. Taking a stand when it comes to the death penalty pope. Francis has changed the Catholic church is, teaching on the death penalty declaring it. It admissible in all circumstances until now the church did not exclude capital punishment if this was the only possible way of defending human lives against an unjust aggressor pope Francis, has, often spoken, out against, the death, penalty saying, it can, never be justified. Sabina coastal Franco's CBS, news Six fifty Good morning we're getting off to a lower start this morning for stocks.

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