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Mike much jim carrey was originally signed on to play dr evil and when he dropped out that's the only reason mike myers did it you should me els why play both parts i think they talked about it with an eighty councilman doc all that us worse is unfair jim hannity arriving whatever but i ever knew it'd be dr evil i've never had that was what our world well here what which character i know you guys do verses at the end or who would win but which we do we do a couple things in win in that fight uh dr evil or young jim carey none of gary's actually if ever make my the horror austin powers like which is the better mike myers character is so weird the mentioned that i've totally forgot he played dual roles few tory lanez as it'll fat bastard and goldmember he was saying it was a fucking letting murphy peter sellers yeah how that's way this new presentation by but anyway which would we'd have to physical fight no no no on your head and austin powers oh wild you pick you could take only one of these fucking performances to a desert island it's either oster bowers or august austria hours and is going to be really bushy but because it's a union performance and because dr he was pretty much lower michaels impression ripe but this was cool that is what head you've got to angelo xi baseball though and i know that as a kid it's actually gain that argument though that's a good argument the idea that like austin powers even those ran brand british accent is not based on yes so it's versus the classic verses of cult pop culture up they're both onedimensional.

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