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Elston Howard Elston Morris Howard, Officer, Supreme Court discussed on Michael Berry


In fifty six minutes. Six PM central. In the great state of Texas. Unless there is a stay. By the supreme court. There will be an execution. Of a man whose name I will not say who thirty one years ago murdered a Houston. Police department officer the officer's name was Elston. Howard. He interrupted a robbery. At an at an adult bookstore. He was inside the store riding citations. The store allegedly had violated city ordinances had not pull the correct permits. So the officer was there to write code violations. When an armed subject entered the store. He intended to rob the store. He comes running in gun a blazing ready to rob the store when all of a sudden he realizes oh. That's a police officer. He turns and shoots the officer. Elston Howard Elston Morris Howard, not once not twice. Three times. With the intention of killing him. With the officer dead. He didn't flee in horror. He then proceeded to rob the store to do what he'd come to do. He fled the store. As he got into the car the getaway car with his accomplice. His accomplice learned that he had shot and killed the police officer. His accomplice new. This is bad news. This is really bad news. Get out of the car said his accomplice, you're not coming with me. You're bad news. You killed a police officer. Elevated an armed robbery. To the murder. Of an individual and that individual happens to be a police officer. As the accomplice attempted to push him out of the car and tell him you can't get away with me. The killer who killed the police officer. Then shot his accomplice. He was apprehended. He was tried. He was convicted he.

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