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City citation. But the town council wasn't ready to go that far. John Dome and w T o p new. Meantime, a bunch of restaurants and bars in Ocean city that closed recently for reasons related to covert 19 have since reopened. Secrets closed last week after several staffers tested positive for Corona virus. The property was disinfected and secrets reopened the next day. Blue Crab House and Rob are closed for almost two weeks after an employee's positive test there now offering indoor and outdoor dining and carry out Albertine owes shut its doors for fear that a staffer might have cove in 19 All staff was tested. Everyone was negative, so they're back open and shenanigans. Irish Pub closed for a little over a week after a staffer tested positive. They reopened last week after the place got a thorough cleaning and employees underwent additional Cove in 19 training. Michelle Bash. W T O P News looks like some rain just to the south of Frederick along to 70 tonight, Getting those bills under control during covert. The consumer man has ideas on how you can get some financial relief until you get back on your feet. That's right. After the forecast here on w t o P, now seven away, prevent the spread of viruses with Michael and Sons. German Sidle U. V C go to Michael and son dot com. Traffic and weather on the eights and when it breaks Bobby Miller in the W T o P Traffic said, Well, we're clearing out nicely on 50 eastbound getting out to the Bay Bridge, much better than it was several hours ago with three lanes open for eastbound traffic. But then the ladies begin in Queenstown near the outlets for the crash at Herrington Road, which is near to 13. You're getting by single file to the left, according to Maryland State Highway at the crash eastbound 50th Farrington Road. So some delays on the Eastern shore once you passed 301 And the Queenstown outlet malls. Meantime, traffic on the Beltway through Montgomery and Prince George's counties running without delay in 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway into 70 each and great shape. We've been spared any real weather this afternoon. So roadways are dry and Virginia at last report, George Washington Parkway South Pound After Morningside Lane at Alexandria wrote, the bridge truck had struck the bridge, took the top off of it and was blocking the right lane on 3 95 and 95 doing pretty well on the Virginia side. And as well as on 66 both ways bobbing word. I believe he'll be traffic. Strong Team 44 day forecast to begin our weekend with Mike's Jennifer can't rule out an isolated shower or thunderstorm over the next several hours. Any activity that pops up ends by midnight, most of.

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